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  1. I was thinking to get a budget rgb mechanical keyboard for my pc when I came across the G.Skill RIPJAWS KM570 RGB on one of Linus's videos. It looks like a good option because its on sale right now on amazon. Then I came across the Redragon K551-RGB which also is a budget rgb mechanical keyboard. Both have good reviews and similar costs. Any opinions would be tremendous help!
  2. It says on https://www.userbenchmark.com/PCGame/FPS-Estimates-Rust/3813/153864. that I would be supposed to get around 63 fps which i am not getting
  3. I got a new monitor today the Samsung LS24F350FHEXXY. It's a 1080p monitor. I play rust so I thought this would do well. But when I run rust even on potato I get around about 10-15frames. I do have another monitor but its a 1680 x 1050. I would of thought that my graphics card (gtx 1060) would be able to run rust at alot more frames. Am I missing something?
  4. My MacBook Pro was getting really slow so I replaced the drive with a Samsung Evo. I cloned the hard drive with Carbon Copy Cloner. But when I put in the SSD it came up with a file and question mark. In disk utility, it can't see the drive unless connected via USB. I reinstalled Mac OS on the drive via USB but when I put the SSD in, the file with question mark came up again. All help will be appreciated
  5. I'm trying to find a good free survival game which you play online/play with other players. Anyone have suggestions?
  6. I can't find any degrees for computer engineering, I'm looking at uni in my city. Uni SA, Adelaide Uni and Flinders Uni
  7. then is Electrical and Electronic Engineering the way to go?
  8. I mean if I want to continue my interest which bachelor/degree should I choose.
  9. I'm interested in computers, more specifically building them. I could get a job at my local computer shop or a big company but what does building computers fall in which degree/bachelor Computer Science or Electrical and Electronic Engineering or is there something else? Thanks for any suggestions
  10. should I contact alcatoz or realtek or the place where I got my headset from?
  11. also what should I do about this could it be related?
  12. should I get a new headset but that won't work because I tried other headphones to and they didn't work