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  1. thank you for your help i think im gonna get the kz zsx
  2. you did not answer to my second question what is basically the diffrence between them is it just looks?
  3. the need for new cables/tips is for the blon bl03 only? or all of the ones you mentioned? and what is basically the diffrence between them?
  4. hey guys can you recommend some earbuds around 60$? not for sport just for music listening if you think its better to buy something more expensive i would gladly hear you opinion thanks
  5. listen i dont know much about coolers thats why im here
  6. its not stock im having arctic cooling alpine 11 rev 2 with thermal paste of mx4
  7. hey guys i need some help i got an i7 4790 to replace my i5 4460 ( yea i know its not much but its doing the work i need) i looked up the thermals and now the cpu reach 100c at stress tests so i want to replace the cooler can you guys recommend me a nice quiet cooler? not looking to overclock it much but if a better cooler for overclocking wont cost that much more i wont mind and in addition im replacing the case fans too so also if you can recommend me some quiet fans (i need 3 120mm)
  8. belive me its not worth it this pc have 2nd gen i3 and the case full of rust and some of the ports not working its time has passed it was just looking for an excuse to replace it im gonna replace it and move the hard drive from it to the new one
  9. Thank you all guys for helping After checking with another gpu the pcie slot not working anymore and because its an old socket one (1155) i decided to buy a new pc thank you all for help
  10. hello there guys i hope you could help me my grandparents computer behaving really strange about a month ago the hard drive died and now today the gpu for the hard drive it may be reasonable cause it was never replaced before but the gpu is pretty new (i know its the gpu because its only working now from the motherboard port and not detecting the card) maybe you guys know the reason for the pc killing parts? i dont think its the power suppy i repleaced it not so long ago btw dont think its a gaming rig or something its just i3 with minimal gpu for hdmi hope you guys can help