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  1. Thanks alot. Just what I wanted to know. Now running around 33C at idle and 60C in CPU-Z Stresstest on my i5-4590.
  2. Can i just try inverting the fan or is there a risk of frying my cpu?
  3. According to JayzTwoCents, if you get distilled water, use an antigrowth such as PT Nuke.
  4. 30C in BIOS, 50C at idle CPU. I haven't benchmarked it.
  5. My bad it's the EKL Alpenföhn Groß Clock´ner. The Brocken was for a friend's build.
  6. Alpenfoehn Brocken, Air EDIT: There is no way to mount the fan on the other side without rotating the heatsink.
  7. Why would it be another issue?
  8. Press the enter Button on the monitor.
  9. Is the monitor source correct?
  10. Is your 20+4 ATX connector fully connected? What about the 8 Pin Connector?
  11. Check if your memory is in the right slot and is making contact.