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  1. Hi Guys, Hoping you can help me out here. I just purchased a new Asus Strix 1080TI (non-OC'd) and I seem to be having a lot of issues with the fans on it. I got this card cause I kept hearing about the larger heatsinks and three fans so it'll stay nice and cool, as well as super quiet. Doesn't seem to be the same thing for me though. . . From boot, the fan, over the power connectors, is at max RPM, even when the thing is with load in a game, the other fans are not even as loud. That is how loud the first fan is. Some info for you all to see if you can assist. I'm at my last straw as I wanted to build a quiet rig. HARDWARE ASUS Strix 1080Ti Running Driver 390.65, and vBios of AsRock Z370 Taichi Triple RAID m.2 NVMe for boot Corsair x750i Corsair 115i aio 2 case fans, linked to motherboard Software: Windows 10 64bit Asus GPU tweak 2, V1.6.0.5 Corsair Link 4 Other Data: GPU fan speed reading at 3628, 1 fan on (over power connectors) and other two are off at "idle" GPU Temp at 33c MB Temp 37c CPU temp 34c List of things I've already tried: Turned off PC, unplugged power, tried to reseat the graphics card Created Custom Fan Curve in GPU Tweak 2 - I can get the other 2 fans to spin up by setting to max 100% at 10c and then turn back off, but 1st fan doesn't change. (so looks like software is at least communicating?) Uninstall /reinstall GPU Tweak 2 Uninstall / reinstall nVidea Drivers ANy ideas you guys have would be helpful!! Regards,