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  1. Hello, I am looking for a preamp for my microphone under $90 because my behringer umc202hd introduces white noise as soon as i get close to 50% gain, which is annoying. Does anyone have a recommended preamp? I have a lewiit lct 440 pure.
  2. Hello, I got my one plus 7 pro to upgrade from my iphone 6s, which was a big jump. Although some times my texts get sent to the wrong person, for example, if I send one to a groupchat the text goes to it, but then it sends an individual text to each of the people in it. I'm debating whether it's a phone issue itself, or a provider issue. Do you know what's going on?
  3. Dolphin, playing Paper Mario: TTYD
  4. Okay sounds good, originally I had thought directx 12 would be a good choice, but then that started to glitch out, which made me to go directx 11. I'll definitely check out vulkan and opengl though.
  5. Hey, quick question. Does nvidia GPU's support Vulkan, because im playing an emulator atm on directx 11, and it stutters from time to time, but it did not with vulkan. I could try opengl before vulkan, but just in case, is Vulkan supported on Nvidia GPUs? I have an RTX 2070 super.
  6. Just out of curiosity, why didn't you use a b450 tomahawk max instead of the aorus elite?
  7. A new cpu mobo and ram is a better upgrade, because if you were to upgrade the gpu, the cpu would most likely bottleneck it. Later on you can get a new gpu. Is there any specific reason you want a rtx 2060 rather than a rx 5700?
  8. With your 15.000 kr budget, I'd look at a 5700xt or a rtx 2070 super. If you want ray-tracing get the rtx 2070 super, but in my opinion the 5700xt is a better option, as they perform similarly, but the 5700xt is cheaper. Its like a 800kr difference(I took the difference from the most expensive 5700xt and the cheapest rtx 2070 super), but make sure not to get the MSI evoke oc, as it has a cooling flaw with one of the thermal pads.
  9. Hey, no sweat. Is there any particular reason you would be getting a 6700k? A ryzen 5 3600 is a better price to performance value compared to the 6700k. Its also much newer too. The 2070 super should be fine with a ryzen 5 3600, and im pretty sure it would be fine with the 6700k as well. Oh and, where are you located, because $650 is a lot for a 2070 super.
  10. Yeah! As I was parting it out, I originally thought of just 1 big ssd because I didn't want to have to worry about configuring where files go, but then my co-worker who's also a pretty good friend of mine from school recommended I get a storage drive as well as a SSD because I'm going to go through 1 terabyte quickly. And besides i paid about $110 for the 500gb ssd and 2tb hdd, for that same price I would have only gotten like a 1tb ssd. I might later on, hopefully next summer, install another m.2 ssd, possibly of the pcie 4.0 kind because I believe my motherboard has a cover which acts as a heatsink for the m.2.
  11. Here's some more pictures! 1st Picture: In the case when the CPU debug light was scaring me. 2nd/3rd Picture: After the fix, playing around with the lighting. Sleeved Cable Extensions go a long way. 4th Picture: After I reseted the RTC ram, during a bios update. 5th Picture: Downloading Forza Horizon 4, thanks to Xbox Game Pass. The clock in the front is a bluetooth speaker which is what I'm using for sound. It packs a punch.
  12. So I always wanted to get a gaming pc because my laptop had always held me back. It's an old Toshiba satellite p775-s7215. I was thinking of possibly putting in a 120gb ssd, and replacing the thermal paste on the CPU and re-purpose it as a server for Minecraft. I finally managed to get a IT internship over the summer, and racked in some cash which went to this PC and a couple of other goodies. Now having this PC for only a couple days I can say, this is overkill for my use case. I should have gotten a ryzen 5 3600, and a b450 tomahawk mobo, with 16gb of ram rather than 32. Everything else, is fine for my use case, the 500gb ssd, and 2 tb HDD, and the case and psu. Nonetheless, I enjoyed building this PC even though I was spooked for a bit, because it wouldn't go past the CPU debug light. I then reseted the RTC ram and it worked fine. I have a r9 280x vapor-x from Sapphire in there while my rtx 2070 super arrives. 1st Picture: r9 280x, borrowed from my cousin, he thought it broke, but then when I tried it, it worked perfectly. 2nd Picture: All of the parts (minus the r9 280x) and the rtx 2070 super. 3rd Picture: Testing the parts outside of the case. 4th Picture: After the first boot.
  13. Hello, I put my computer together and downloaded cinebench r15, then ryzen master and enable pbo. At idle the cpu is around 4.22 gigahertz, but then under the cinebench r15 load it drops down to 3.90
  14. Okay, I did that on top of another rtc ram reset, and it seems to work. Hopefully a bios update fixes this.
  15. Yes I made sure to place them in those two slots.
  16. I did not, I reset the rtc ram. I believe this is happening because the ram isn't on the qvl.
  17. Okay so I think I did a reset on the rtc ram and managed to get it to go to the VGA led , but the boot led also is lit up, but no post.
  18. The screen is black and the light is red on the board.
  19. I'm about to reseat the cpu, I do not know how to clear the cmos.