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  1. Proxyishere

    Overwatch/VAC BAN

    Hey! Thanks for your reply. Buddy I am a twitter guy I do giveaways and its my main account with a thousand dollar inventory. That above info is just to support the fact that i legitimately haven't cheated I hope you can understand this but this time VAC and OW are given at the same time and they are wrong. Look at this for some reffrence https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/8a8qu8/ban_confusion/
  2. Proxyishere

    Overwatch/VAC BAN

    Hi! @ImHyperStyle I also am facing the same issue!! I swear on my life I never cheated and am facing the EXACT SAME THING and it happened to me at the same time i guess too!! Whats your steam ID?? btw Add me so that we can discuss about it further and try to get some help is there is anything that we can do now is hope that valve brings justice now! Hope you get UnVaced ~Proxy http://steamcommunity.com/id/pppprrrrooooxxxxy/