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  1. Blaze0716

    $800 PC Buiild

    U.S. I need windows 10 and I have a monitor and keyboard, mouse, and headset. I'll probably upgrade my keyboard and mouse in the future but for now I'm good.
  2. Blaze0716

    $800 PC Buiild

    Do I really need an SSD?
  3. Blaze0716

    $800 PC Buiild

    My friend is buying me a gaming PC and I am building it. could someone put together a PC Part Picker list for me? Id like something around a Ryzen 5 and a GTX1060. I don't need a monitor, but I do need a Windows 10 key. I don't need any peripherals either. If anyone could find some good parts for a good price, I would be very happy. I'm not all that good at picking out parts at best price for performance. Thanks!