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    Extension for RGB LED Hub?

    I am trying to get my LEDs to be all Aura-Sync controlled, but my current motherboard (Asus Prime X370-Pro) only has 1 RGB header that I currently have my CPU cooler and fan connected to. I am looking at getting the Silverstone RGB LED 8 Port Hub along with a SATA-to-Molex Power Adapter, since my PSU doesn't have molex. I also want to get a couple more of the fans that came with my DeepCool Gammax GT cooler. The cooler uses the DeepCool RF 120 RBG fan, but unlike the cooler, it doesn't come with an RGB connector for the motherboard and the page doesn't specifically state that it works with Aura Sync, like the cooler does. If I connect the individual RF 120s to the hub, would they work with Aura Sync? Second, the hub comes with 2 RGB strips, but they are not addressable. I want to put an addressable strip behind my desk and I don't think the provided cables will be long enough. What might be some good recommendations for RGB extension cables and an addressable RBG strip that are compatible with the Silverstone hub? Thanks!