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  1. I don't have it yet. I watched many videos where people said they won't even use the stock cooler because it is bad. (I have only bought the case this month)
  2. I think it is not enough for oc.
  3. Which cooler should I buy for the 2400G? My case: Phanteks Eclipse P300 I would like a black optic
  4. Okay... You can close this topic... I just got aggressive and didn't care if I destroy it, and it came off... (The case isn't broken)
  5. Nope, I will give this PC to my mom when I end the school and get a job. She doesn't play many games. Maybe CS 1.6 or Crash Bandicam... So this PC will not have an upgrade. I think she will use it mainly for her documents, photos etc. So it will be okay, danke!
  6. (2200G) I would need it for the next 5 years. Will it be OK for those games I do play? I don't need the highest graphics, because i grew up with a low end pc from 2011 and I learned to be good at a game and don't care 'bout the graphics.
  7. Guys? Could you help me picking a APU? I'm thinkin' about 2200G and 2400G, I've seen there isn't much difference in gaming performance, but what would you pick? I'll be playin' mainly mmorpg and e-sport titles.
  8. After completly removed thumb screws IT doesnt Come off too
  9. Im building my first gaming PC. I want to future proof it so I'm going with the Intel core i7 8700k for on the Asus Z370-E. I know  graphics cards are high so I want something to hold me down for now atleast. Would the GeForce 1060 6gb hold me down for now? I know it will hold back the cpu but I just want something to start off. Good or bad choice? Any reccomendations?

    1. germgoatz


      the 1060 6gb will probably currently last you for a year and a half for high settings in games and smooth framerates. Since the prices are confirmed to be coming down, you can wait a month or so or buy a low tier and upgrade when prices are under MSRP.

  10. what video cable do i need if i wanted to use freesync?
  11. ok, so i changed the cpu to 2200g. is that better now?
  12. i won't upgrade the pc. i will buy a complete new in the future, and this one will be given to my sister. I just want to ask: Is this a beast for that price class? i ask, because it is onle 397€ for such a huge performance.
  13. So, I made a lot of topics, I've learned a lot and I think that I made a real budget beast for gaming, what do you think? 130€ CPU https://bit.ly/2G6InbD 64€ MB https://bit.ly/2xkfdlL 100€ RAM https://bit.ly/2Hofwo9 35€ HDD https://bit.ly/2rkQLwa 49€ PSU https://bit.ly/2vOBkyW 34€ Case https://bit.ly/2qZ9Dn7 2x7€ Fan https://bit.ly/2ynXb4U 3€ Y-Cable https://bit.ly/2HeO8Vn