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  1. Okay, update, do you buy the 570 with a years warranty left and only a year old or the 580 thats 3 years old and no warranty? I am a bit scared its a mining card. Same price tho.
  2. @Adorable Cat The cheapest 1650 super available is $206.
  3. I will upgrade my pc in the near future to a Ryzen 5 1600 AF as well as 16 gb of ram from an i3 8100. I am currently using a 1050 Ti. I've taken a good look around and checked out different budget options for GPU but I am doubting what to get. I still get the sense that the 580 is a good buy price/performance despite its age (found it for $120 used). Is it still a good buy or should I wait or get something else? (Mind you, the cheapest new 1660 super is $300 where I live). Guess budget is around 150-200$. Thanks in advance
  4. Do you think a Corsair CX550 wil suffice?
  5. Ooooh okay, I will look into that. Thanks!
  6. Hello. My current system is a GTX 1050 Ti and an i3 8100. I am considering upgrading my GPU. I looked at a 1650 super, however, will 1660 super be overkill in regards to my CPU? And is the extra VRAM worth it? I mostly do 1080p gaming.
  7. Okay thanks. I guess ill just stay with this for now. If I have a z370 mobo but i acquire an i5 9400f. Does the mhz on the ram cap at 2666 as the CPU cap is, or can i OC it to 3200? Is the ram speed limited by the cap of the mobo or the CPU? And if so, would it be better to go for CPU upgrade or a 1650 super upgrade?
  8. I currently have an i3 8100 and GTX 1050 Ti Wanna go AMD for the future, and I saw Ryzen's (not so new now) Ryzen 5 1600 AF CPU. I was going to acquire 16 gb of ddr4 3200 mhz ram. Would the upgrade in the CPU department be too minimal to be worth it, should i wait till i can buy ryzen 5 3600? How about the ryzen 5 2600? Or is it actually a decent upgrade in regards to my GPU? I was looking at the ASUS PRIME B450-PLUS to go with it. I am not one to spend too much on my PC.
  9. Hey, just want to know whether a 1060 6gb is worth buying used? I can see someone selling used, only 2 months old but they have been used for mining. How harsh is that on th GPU? Price wise it has dropped to the equivelant of the 1060 3gb version. And a side note, can a brand new 550w bronze PSU power a system with a 1060 6gb and i5 8400? Thanks
  10. Hello. Just stopping by to ask if it is worth buy an aftermarket cooler like Arctic Freezer 33 in regards to replacing the stock i3 cooler? And is it worth buying 3200 mHz memory for an i3 build? Or is 2400 mHz fine?
  11. As far as I know Coffee Lake is only compatible with Z370 boards, correct me if I am wrong though.
  12. I totally forgot to put it - it is for gaming but not aiming for high end titles with high graphics. It is temporary in that sense that it isnt set in stone what I want, that is all I meant by temporary :-)
  13. Hey. I have created a temporary build (w/o storage) but I wanted to hear some opinions. GTX 1050 Ti Intel i3 8100 MSI Z370-A PRO Corsair TX-M Series TX650M 650Watt Corsair Vengeance LPX - DDR4 - 8 GB: 2 x 4 GB - DIMM 288-PIN - 2400 MHz Would it be worth it to upgrade for 3000 mhz ram? How is the intel stock cooler? Should I buy an aftermarket?
  14. I do not own the GPU yet. It just seems like a solid GPU for the price, so I am planning on getting it for my system.
  15. Hey. I am looking to do a full system upgrade of my old i5 2500. I am looking at doing a quite cheap upgrade considering I only play low requirement games like CSGO and WoW. I am looking at the i3 8100 and the Ryzen 3 1200 but cannot really seem to decide what to get. I am not planning on OC'ing. What do I pick? I know there is some futureproofing in the AMD but thats it. EDIT: Looking to run it with a GTX 1050 Ti.