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  1. Is it worth it to buy a brand new 1060 for 150$?
  2. Hello, Please help me! I have 2400g cpu paired with 8x2 3000mhz T-force delta over clocked to 3200mhz, But I'm only getting 36 FPS on Cinebench R15 OpenGL test. I am using driver AMD adrenalin 19.2.3 and Windows ver 1809. I tried running on single memory my fps decrease about 5 FPS. I don't think that extra 5 fps boost is enough on dual sticks compare to single. I tried stock freq on cpu and gpu and i tried overclocking it. but overclocking it only gave me +2 FPS I saw other 2400G user use cinebench and this is what they got >>>> Same specs as my desktop but half the FPS, Btw I am getting similar score on CPU points. DESKTOP FULL SPECS CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2400G RAM: T-Force Delta RGB 8x2 3000Mhz MOBO: GIGABYTE DS3H B450M PSU: CORSAIR VS450 STORAGE: WD GREEN SSD 120GB Please help thanks!
  3. Hmm? Maybe its just a software glitch, I checked the temp in GPU-Z it shows it. Thanks for all of your help anyways!
  4. I'm sorry I'm just a newbie, But where can i Find GPU temps in here?
  5. Is it possible that bent pins are causing those problem?
  6. Hello I have a question to those who uses the same CPU/APU (Ryzen 5 2400g), Is it normal that in GPU Temp or Radeon Performance Monitoring software that I'm getting 0°C? And is there a possible way to show the GPU temp of this processor? Or is my CPU defective???
  7. I want to upgrade my GPU soon with an RTX 2060 but I don't know if my Gigabyte B450m ds3h can support that graphics card. Specifications: Ryzen 5 2400G TForce Delta RGB 3000mhz Gigabyte B450m ds3h Corsair VS450 NZXT H500 Thanks in advance for the replies!
  8. To those who have the same processor as mine, I just want to ask if this stats are normal? And if not can you please suggest me what I need to do with it.
  9. I'm tempted to buy the 120gb version ssd because its only 1249php or roughly 25USD
  10. I'm just a beginner on computer hardware, I just want to know if can i replace my laptops HDD into a "WD Green 120GB SSD?" I just wanted to make sure that it is compatible before buying one. I'll include photos below. Please answer my simple question thanks in advance!
  11. I just watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YJ0_SRMmrg - "Nicky V's Last Stand" today and I don't know if is it true or just a troll that Nick left the company, I know this question is so late but I just to confirm if it's true. Thanks in advance for those who will reply.
  12. Can i possibly replace with DDR3 1.5v 1600MHZ RAM on a laptop with a stock ram of DDR3L 1.35v? Will that work? Please answer me. Thank you in advance!
  13. Is it possible to over clock my laptop's processor? My device is using i3-5015U processor. I want to know if its possible to increase my 2.1 GHz to a higher clock speed. Please answer thank you! *I'm aware that U series chips are locked for increasing the multiplier but i was just wondering if theres any other way to increase the multiplier.*
  14. If you want only gaming don't upgrade. 12 GB of RAM is more than enough.