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  1. I’ve had this issue with my PC for a while now and never have been able to find the problem. Mostly only when gaming the fans on my computer seem to breath almost. If you listen close to my video you can hear it. I’m almost certain it’s coming from my Corsair H100 liquid cooler has I have swapped cases and case fans. Is this just a common issue that could be with the cooling process or something more serious I should be worried about? Thanks! IMG_0484.mp4
  2. Hey guys, I recently moved my Alienware X51 components to a Cooler Master Masterbox Pro 5 RGB case with a few upgrades. I was on a limited budget so I wasn’t able to upgrade the Micro ATX motherboard supplied with the Alienware. After installing everything into the case I was trying to connect my fans. I successfully got them connected to power source so they spin. But I can’t figure out what this 4-pin led connector goes to. I believed you can plug it into somewhere on the motherboard but in my case I don’t have a plugin do to my limited motherboard. Is there any way I can connect the LEDs straight to my PSU or any other option I can take? Thanks guys