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  1. I did disconnect the hard drive still the ssd does not show up
  2. Its called kingston Yes did put another hard drive and that does show up in the bios and when i want to install windows
  3. Its brand new. I just had it laying around in my house
  4. So i build my pc today and i installed an m.2 ssd on the motherboard and it wont recognise the ssd when i try to install windows on it. The motherboard only has 2 m.2 ssd and i chose the bottom one as i only had the small m.2 ssd availible. Does anyone know this is happening? The motherboard is called aorus b450 elite.
  5. So im buying a brand new pc and i was wondering if i should buy this graphics card. I just dont want to buy a graphics card that wont give me problems like thermals, really loud noise and coil whine Is this a good card? https://www.ebuyer.com/788541-xfx-radeon-rx-580-8gb-gts-xxx-edition-graphics-card-rx-580p8dfd6
  6. Im planning to play battlefield 5, tomb traider, fry cry 5 fh4 need for speed etc
  7. So i was wondering what would be the best gaming pc for 1080p 60fps+ on ultra settings for £650
  8. I supposed to say that you need a total of 550w power supply
  9. Your power supply only provides 450w total to power up the rig which is not enough for the gpu because the gpu alone will need on average 550w. Thats why it cannot display the graphics card because it is not getting the full power it needs.
  10. So basically i booted to windows just fine and then i turned it off and turned it on again and this time i went on the bios and then restored to defult settings due to me having issues and then this happened. Plz help me
  11. I mean i did have problems with the fan where it would viabrate a lot and it started to happen 3 days ago
  12. I mean i had all sorts of issues with this laptop. last year like the cpu was damaged after few months of use now its the gpu thats has an issue this year
  13. No this is not connected to an external display. Nothing does not happen when i move it around