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the pudding

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  • Birthday 1997-08-20

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    the greatest britain
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    PCs and naval history


  • CPU
    Dual E5 2643
  • Motherboard
    dell T7600 motherboard
  • RAM
    128gb DDR3 1600MHz
  • GPU
    rx 480
  • Case
    T7600 case
  • Storage
    256gb ssd for windows, 500gb wd velociraptor for storage (temp)
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    dell 2011 cooler things
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    Hoopond AK33
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    G502 proteus spectrum
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    windows 10

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  1. oh whew, yeah that seems pretty loud ahh nicely, not a bad plan, very thoughtful and all, im fortunate that im not completely on the deaf so i just have a pair of headphones that i set pretty high up there but a few of my friends that are nigh on completely deaf have run into the problem of accidentally setting things too loud for those around them because they were going off of vibrations
  2. first off, P R E T T Y, second off, could you repeat that for me, i didn't catch that the first time
  3. well i'm half deaf so im sure that won't be too much of an issue ahh yeah a chunky passive thing would be nice for some shenanigans
  4. Ahh yeah they have a fan in the back so all's good on that front, i'd imagine the thing will just get a bit louder once i plop the 2687W's in
  5. yeah, i mean, it's on the cpu support list so should be fine either way
  6. Main problem unfortunately is the T7600 board doesn't use proper standard 2011 mounting all proprietary there the coolers that come with are chunky enough mind you so it may be okay if a little toasty
  7. Yeah, big shame, but not to worry, I have a friend that has an old intel dual 2011 board he'll do me cheap so all's good, just need coolers then, pair of 212 evo's or something and I'm off to the races
  8. Honestly if i could change them easily i'd just use a pair of those noctua 4U things, the hole spacing is standard but they don't have the M4 threaded parts on the ILM like most 2011 socket boards, they just have a through hole and screw into the case, but i was planning on upgrading to a proper dual 2011 board anyways and then using the T7600 to upgrade my pc at the other halves or something, though there are guides to show how to fit normal coolers in, for the most part though it's wiring since they get arsey about fans with the dell stuff, replacing the ILM itself isn't so hard
  9. oh whew, yeah those things are silly, and yeah the V4 stuff is still somewhat recent as far as xeon stuff goes so they're hella steep unfortunately
  10. yeah they're toasty chips but i can be happy now knowing that this thing is as maxed out as it can be cpu wise cooling is a worry though so i may end up actually getting a different board and running as a custom build rather than the dell system when i get paid in a few weeks
  11. niiiiiice, managed to grab a pair of E5 2687W's for £150 (only about a tenner more than what a pair of 2690s would set me back), pretty chuffed with that
  12. I'm back, I did a thing >:3 I got a corker of a deal on a used dell precision T7600, £400 delivered for the following, pair of xeon E5 2643's, 256gb ssd,1300w psu, decent ish raid card, 128gb of 1600MHz reg ecc ddr3, few optical drives, just had to chuck in my 480 and a 500gb raptor i had knocking around and jobs a good en, upgrade plans coming next month are the upgrade to a pair of E5 2690's and I'll have storage in the form of 5 2tb sas 7.2k drives in the next week or so
  13. so i need to pop together a pc for the other halves now, got a while to do this, but im tempted to go full ham and run the classic top tier pc from the X58 era, 3 480's, nice 6 core part, 12gb, maybe 24gb ram etc, throw a megahalems on it, maybe pop it in a haf 932, jobs a good en
  14. Not a horrible chip, would have liked a bit more though XD