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  1. If i will be bored maybe i will do case that i want from metal parts
  2. I just want to say cases on market are fine for me Im not some maniac I was just curious if i can find something really small
  3. if no one need this why there is something like sentry or dan a4 sfx there is a lot of mini itx cases for gaming but not even one for not gaming and a lot gamers wants this mini cases and gamers are not people what want lose efficiency because they pay a lot for parts and "normal" people dont care about this there will be a more people who want small case even if they will lose a litte bit of efficiency NUC ok but i want decide for every part inside Dimensions that i wrote maybe are not correct i want something close to that
  4. 150W is enought I know but maybe i want super quiet power suply or i want modular cables i just want possibility to choose. ms-tech is to big because you can put standart power suply there or even cd-rom (it's 2018 not need this) If I could have somethink like sentry but without place for graphic card i could have case like 74 x 310 x ~160mm I'm just suprised that there is not even a few cases like that.
  5. yes that was nice case almost what i want but you cant choose power suply you stuck with what they give you
  6. Hello, i was looking for mini ITX case but i have problem with finding somethink for me, every small case on market is build for gamers and have place for graphic card. What i want is case only for ITX motherboard and power suply in SFX standard. While ago on this forum people help create somethink like case name sentry, now i will present somethink what i want, maybe you have idea where i can find somethink like that?