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  1. blastreaper101

    why is my 8700k running so hot

    Have you ever encounter silicon lottery, not totally flatned IHS and maybe his case cooling ? All of these variable may affect his cooling capacity. The thing is, these are "well okay" and credible temps for a full load, and if speedstep is disabled, it would make sense he is in ~65c temps
  2. blastreaper101

    why is my 8700k running so hot

    Read and analize before comment : IF it's running MAX, these temps would be normal
  3. blastreaper101

    why is my 8700k running so hot

    I would be incline to agree with you, because if it's running max, these temps would be normal
  4. blastreaper101

    New best thermal interface

    It's not about what you should buy or use, I just want to find the best (technically the one I precised) and by how many degree celsius different compare to other thermal interface.
  5. blastreaper101

    New best thermal interface

    I have been doing some research on internet lately, to learn which thermal paste is the best of the best and found out that the thermal grizzly kryonaut (for none electrical conductive) and the conductonaut (liquid metal) are NO LONGER the best thermal interface https://tehnoblog.org/thermal-compounds-comparison-table-2019/ This is one source that show the W/mk and we clearly see that the Phobya NanoGrease Extreme is the new best none electrical conductive interface and the LT-100 Liquid Metal the new LM interface. The thing is, there is no graphic review of these paste and I really want to see actual number under a controlled environement. Do one of you guys have the difference in Celsius between these thermal paste and some old regular Arctic Silver 5 or even Kryonaut ? If not are you able to redirect me on a reliable source ? Even there, it would be nice to see Linus make a video about the "NEW BEST THERMAL INTERFACE ?!?" Lol
  6. blastreaper101


    Is the cooling plate of the RTX 2080 Gigabyte Windforce Xtreme is fully copper ? I mean I have some good reason to apply liquid metal on it. I just want to confirm with you guys if it's no problem for LM thx
  7. Sometime when the card is a bit hold and we manipulate it, the thermal paste is going a bit more hard and if the "seal" break during manipulation, bad contact appears and thermal go sky rocking
  8. Like 1kv said, I believe it's a thermal paste problem, since you mention your fan are still okay
  9. Did by any chance made a move that could have "move" the thermal paste on the gpu die ?
  10. blastreaper101

    Asus Rog Matrix

  11. blastreaper101

    External GPU help

    There's plenty of external gpu housing connecting via USB type-C if you google it you'll be surprise ( I've never looked for it myself but I know there's a bunch of those, or you can simply wait until someone has some specific product to advise to you )
  12. blastreaper101

    Asus Rog Matrix

    Is the Asus Rog Matrix will be available for the rtx 2080 ? To last news they've only talk about the 2080ti, but I wanted to make sure if you guys had some scoop on a potential RTX Asus Rog Matrix 2080. thx for info ^^
  13. blastreaper101


    ahhh rly ? Damn everyone seems to say the exact same thing even over US good to know ^^ thx
  14. blastreaper101


    I live in Canada, more precisely in Quebec province, no worry ive look to some teardown, this is copper below and for the other guy thought it was a bad idea, it is only to reduce the temperature and by doing that I will reduce fan speed and reduce the fan noise at the same time, which will result in a more healthy use of the card
  15. blastreaper101


    I was looking to a bunch of review about the rtx 2080 gigabyte aorus xtreme lately and something intrigued me. Where is the warranty sticker on this particular model ?? I want to liquid metal it and I was wondering if there is any "void warranty sticker" on the card somewhere since it is not on one of the screw of the core plate. If someone has ever opened one or saw someone do it, is there any "void warranty sticker" or void warranty mechanism somewhere on this card ? Thx you