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  1. Just enjoying my time playing games until my PC just could not keep up with anything! I then get a black screen and and error about CorsairHID - (I have corsair ram). So I decide to run a "Windows Memory Diagnostic Test" and so I did. I clicked restart and black screen. I forced shut off and manually started and the computer ran through the diagnostic memory test. I view the logs in the event viewer and there seems to be a issue I would like solved. Here is the error report - That last part under ( UserData - Results - MemDiagRawData is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hanks in advance!
  2. Going to reduce power usage and change sockets now. I hope this works and appreciate the help. I'll leave this thread open as it's a 2 day interval.
  3. Event ID 41 yes.... I had it at balanced before but i'm putting it at powersaving. I am a heavy gamer so i'm not sure what that will change.
  4. I must also state that this happens atleast once every 2 days. I have searched online with the Kernel-Power issue on the windows event log and it is the exact problem I have. I have been using this socket for 4+ years exchanging and changing PCs one in a while. But the fact is that I have no idea why a week ago rather than like 2 years ago or something? It only happens in my room. This socket has 8 other outlets each connecting to monitors and lamps etc... Only the PC turns off but nothing else. So I am extremely convinced it is something in the PC.
  5. Not at all. Working perfectly fine. Treating it the same exact way as if I just got it.
  6. One critical in the past hour which is Kernel-Power but I believe that is just the fact of windows identifying of what the heck just happened.
  7. I'm connected to a hub which is firmly in place on an outlet along with power to my monitors etc...
  8. Sooo yea. Just started happening about a week ago. I play and browse etc... but RANDOMLY out of no where my computer shuts off as if somebody were to yank the chord out of its lung and then it restarts seconds after turning it off. Very concerning. I have never had problems with my PC. EVER. Not even half a year old too. In the process of scanning my whole computer with AVG and Malwarebytes.
  9. Thanks guys for all the help. I'm still in the process of trying to fix it and will try and get back to you guys as soon as possible when I'm stuck or I fix it.
  10. I've tried the following stuff: Reset all browsers, ESET Web Security Search, Malwarebytes, AVG, CCleaner, and Manually which I couldn't find. I have no idea how to fix this issue.
  11. I haven't installed anything recently in the past few days. I haven't found anything under the recent programs I have installed as well. I am installing malwarebytes now.
  12. I also have found no unknown programs running in the backround or startup programs in the task manager.
  13. This morning I turned on my computer and when I log on, a strange unknown website opens up on explorer, chrome, and/or firefox and I have absolutely no idea how to get rid of it. I am very paranoid that this is one type of malware which has never been detected on my PC before. The website is www.bizigames.org. How do I get rid of it?
  14. I just went into the bios, disabled, restarted, shutdown, enabled xmp profile, restarted and works perfectly. Thanks for you help
  15. I disabled XMP and it's finally working. Thank you. But could this problem damage any components? Do I need to have XMP enabled to have my ram working properly? (I'm not a ram expert )