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  1. Hey, my brother wanted to but a laptop <1000 CAD. He wants a laptop which will look good i.e. slim bezels and a bit thinner. According to his workflow he would require at least a 4-core processor and at least a decent graphics card with a 120-250 GB SSD and if possible a HDD (Not a must but if there will be very helpful). It should also have 8 or 8+ GB of RAM, he wont know how to add more RAM as he is not so tech savvy (meaning he has not opened up a laptop before for any purpose). I suggested him some Laptops like: 1. ASUS VivoBook 15.6" Intel i5-8265U (He wants something looking like this ones) 2.ASUS VivoBook S Intel Core i5-8250U 3. ASUS VivoBook F512DA-EB51 (Ryzen 5 3500U) 4. Lenovo Ideapad L340 81LW000DUS (Ryzen 5 3500U) 5. ASUS TUF 15.6" (Ryzen 5 3500H) : He didn't like the design I had thought of suggesting Dell XPS laptops (<1000 CAD). I have not researched them well so please give comments on this laptop as they are very much recommended by the LTT Group. Can you guys suggest some laptops which would satisfy this criteria.
  2. I have installed linux (Ubuntu 18.04.2) on my PC. I have been having error where I have to run command 'fsck' in it initframs to make it boot, but then it becomes laggy. While I was researching about it I found a thread on net which encouraged to run command 'systemctl' which I did and then it showed me that there is error in some sector of my HDD ( basically sector 2055, and my drive starts at 2048). I was now not even able to reinstall ubuntu, so I thought that I should exclude that portion of storage and install it after almost 1GB if space and it installed fine and was running buttery smooth, but now it has started again. When I ran the 'systemctl' command it also showed the command that is jammed in that sector, it was 'Read DMA' and something related to it afterwards. Some guy on the thread I mentioned suggested the guy to input zeros in the sector, i tried it but was unsuccessful. Can anyone help resolve it!
  3. It was not letting me change the commands with 'e' and when I booted it again did the same thing so I ran the command fsck again from Initframs where it took me and them I was able to change it and it booted correctly with everything being showed OK. Does it help identifying or should I make it permanent and try it with 2-3 boot ups?
  4. OK i will try it just as I get home and let you know
  5. What are you saying, i am newbie and pretty new to this things can you elaborate please.
  6. I have a ethernet cable constantly connected to my PC all the timw, so can the reason you could be it.
  7. It shutdowns properly, but when it happens i am not able to boot it just get stuck at purple type screen and i will be forced to make a hard shutdown ( it all happens at booting).
  8. I have installed Linux (Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS) since I was having some problem with Windows, even the old ones like Windows 7. I have updated it completely and installed pop theme according to my liking with some extensions to make it look like Windows for easy transition. I had some problems with hard disk for which I gave my PC to an engineer for repair, he said that my HDD is fine but he found some minor problems with PC's PSU and advised to change it, but I want to do complete do over of my PC so I turned it down. It has been a few days since installation and I have been getting into initfram at boot up in atleast 1 out of 3 boot ups. It shows me to run fsck command manually, after the commands completion I boot it up and it boots up finely but now it has started to slow down. So I wanted to know can a faulty PSU be a reason for this as well as the problems I was having with my Windows which was slowing down too.
  9. Its a brand new HDD. And even after that it wont start. I even tried resetting it, but it did nothing.
  10. It was at 2.2GHz when years before I got it, but just a year ago I overclocked it to 2.4Ghz, but its base clock could go till 2.6GHz as put through in the specs. Why, does it cause a problem?
  11. I got it from a local store. But he provided me with a replacement, but it is a bit weird thing that I think he gave me a Surveillance drive (I think). Its name is WD 5000AVDS. I googled its name and it showed me the same drive on Amazon, and its specs looked like a surveillance drive, but I am not quite sure about it. I tried than installing windows and even lightest weight Linux I could get, heck I even tried installing windows 7, but they are all displaying the same problems as my old drive was displaying. Could you help me?
  12. I recently installed windows 10 on my new HDD, it booted after a long haul into windows at first attempt, when I updated it, it showed some problem but was working. Then when I restarted it, it got into an automatic repair and diagnostic loop. After 3 hard shutdowns, I reached Automatic repair windows, where it showed the error details are saved in SrtTrial.txt. I opened it, everything in it showed 0x0 error code there was just one check for LCU which showed 0x17 error. I am thinking this might be the reason, but in how many ways I google it I find nothing to solve the error. Please help me solve this! Edited: I performed 'chkdsk /f/r' command it gave me an error as '766f6c756d265e63 470', I googled it but no one was able to solve it, one was able to solve but it was through pure luck that it just worked.
  13. Today I went to exchange the HDD but he said that he has to check its health and was saying its normal for a HDD to have C5 C6 error which was reported by crystal diskinfo. I was not sure what he meant by checking its health, he further added that if the health is above 75-80% he will not give me a replacement. Is there any such rule like this?
  14. Cool I will just replace it as I don't want to but any new HDD right now as I have one more HDD with same problem as this one. Thanks for your help everyone.
  15. Here is a snapshot of the things I could view in CrystalDiskInfo Software.