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  1. The heatsink arrived and dropped the temps by 10 C at idle and 20C at full load, thanks for your help
  2. ok, but this cant be a software issue right?
  3. Ok, but do you think its worth buying a low profile heatsink like a 2mm one ($8), will that reduce temps In a laptop?
  4. No, as far as I can remember this has been happening for the past week or so, since the last time I checked before this was a few months ago
  5. I've had this for 19 months and my warranty has run out, what should I do?
  6. I watched the temps as I ran the test, Was my first time benching using CrystalDiskMark so I just done the default, The temps rose to 76 degrees C and went down to 73 During the test, near the End it was around 67 Degrees C, Heres the screen shots after the test Temps + Bench results
  7. Recently my 256GB M.2 NVME SSD has been overheating, its displaying 65 degrees C at idle, when i boot the system it steadily climbs from 45 to 65 all whilst remaining at idle, I don't think this is due to my other components such as my CPU as it idles at 40 degrees C whilst the SSD remains at 65, I've tried opening up and cleaning the laptop to get rid of any dust or dirt but that still doesn't help at all, I've had this laptop for about 19 months now and I dont want my ssd to lose all its data, I'm thinking of buying a low profile heatsink for the SSD but I dont know how much its going to help. Here are my specs: Hp 14-cm0999na Laptop CPU: ryzen 5 2500u w/ Vega 8 graphics Mobo: HP 84A2 M.2 NVME: KBG30ZMV256G TOSHIBA (SSD) I have installed the latest BIOS aswell Here is a screenshot as I type this with only chrome open Screen Shot of temps and SSD info
  8. This is what it looks like; http://prntscr.com/m1gj7l as you can see on the bottom left there is an empty space but there's no SATA connections there
  9. Thanks for your reply, are there any tutorials or stuff on how to do this and i've only built pc's and never soldered things on.
  10. Yes, I have a space like that but the SATA connectors are not there, I wanted to know If it is possible to add these SATA connectors
  11. Hello, I was wondering if its possible to add or attach a SATA connection to my laptops motherboard, I am not sure what model it is but if you have any suggestions on how to find out, I will be willing to follow those tips and find out the model of the motherboard, My laptops motherboard has an NVME SSD already connected but on the bottom left side of the motherboard there is an open space for which a 2.5 inch drive can be added, however this space does not have any SATA connections around it so I am wondering if its possible to add SATA connections so I can connect another storage device, This is the model of the laptop: HP 14-cm0999na, Hope this helps Thanks Edit: This is the motherboard model: HP 84A2 This is the Motherboard Chipset: AMD CZ FCH
  12. Was wondering If I could fit a cpu cooler (Be quiet pure rock slim) into my old rigs motherboard due to cpus temperature spikes and bottleneck, my motherboard (Gigabyte F2A68HM-HD2 Motherboard ) has an fm2+ socket and I would like to know if I could fit a modern cpu cooler and if not what are alternative options.