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  1. Hello Games work fine if I disable gsync in nvidia control panel. But with gsync turned on my gpu seems to be fine but my monitor keeps turning off and on while playing games. I have moved from another place where my monitor and psu cable weren't plugged into the same extension cord (where gsync was not a problem) to a place where my monitor and psu are plugged into the same extension cord; could this be the issue? Thanks
  2. Hello My computer (desktop) does not restart on its own and when I shut it down the fans are still active. If I want to "restart" now I just shut it down and then hold the power button on the desktop to turn it off completely and then immediately press the power button again. How can I make the computer restarting on its own without resorting to the method specified ?
  3. Yes when I only plugged in the display port.
  4. Hello I purchased acer predator xb241H (1080p 144hz monitor). I have a gtx 1080 installed in my desktop, If I connect only the dp port to my monitor there is no signal, if I connect the hdmi port it works but at 60hz, If I connect both the dp and the hdmi cable to the monitor then the monitor says that it is using dp cable but it also says that the refresh rate is only 60hz (shouldn't this be 144hz?). Furthermore when I connect my headphones to the audio jack there is no sound. What is going on? I am updating my nvidia drivers right now thinking that this will solve the issue.
  5. Hello I am interested in buying a desktop such that the gpu is mounted vertically. Do I have to remove the gpu to transport it by car ?
  6. Hello Can I mix (Kingston ValueRAM 16GB 2400MHz DDR4 Non-ECC CL17 SODIMM 2Rx8 (Notebook Memory) KVR24S17D8/16) and (Crucial 16GB 260-Pin DDR4 SO-DIMM DDR4 2400 (PC4 19200) Laptop Memory Model CT16G4SFD824A) From what I can tell they have - the same latencies (CL = 17) - the same amount of memory (both 16gb) - the same speed (both 2400mhz) - the same number of pins (260 pins) Hence they should be compatible for dual channel Am I wrong ?
  7. For slightly higher price I suggest MSI GL62M 7RDX-NE1050i5 (it is 47524 rupees). You can search in newegg.
  8. Why does this laptop ship with 1 16GB stick instead of 2*8 GB sticks if the performance is better and price is about the same? (this laptop is capable of dual channel)
  9. In the link that I provided he does say that adding another 16gb ram shot up the fps in games like pub g and dota. I think you are right and they must have initially run the game on integrated graphics.
  10. Hello If there is a laptop with 1 16gb-ram stick (dddr4) in it. Is it okay to buy any other dddr4 16gb ram stick (which is compatible with the laptop) and place it in the other empty ram slot so that I have dual channel 32 gb ram? The laptop I am interested in is msi gx63vr which comes with 1 16gb-ram stick and I have read reviews that this bottlenecks the core i7-7700hq. I do not know the ram manufacturer for this laptop. I went to crucial and it said BALLISTIX sport 16 gb (1*16) is compatible with msi-ge63vr which is apparently the same as msi-gx63vr. Can I add this ram (BALLISTIX sport 16 gb) in the empty slot along with the other ram whose manufacturer I do not know? Or should I get BALLISTIX sport 16 gb (2*8) and remove the memory inside the laptop and place these 2 memory modules (the ballistix ones) instead to get dual channel 16gb ram ? The reason why I want to add another ram-stick is listed on this page; https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=295738.0
  11. But intuitively the cooling pad will send cool air into this laptop's intake vents (this laptop has a LOT more intake vents than other laptops say Asus ROG Strix GL702VI) and the opolar suction fan will suck the air from within the laptop = more air transferred up into the intake vent per unit time as air pressure inside the laptop will decrease; the cooling pad will make the air transferred up cooler (especially in hot places) and expecially adds speed to the air (faster air speed at lower temperature than the other object is going to cool the other object faster) (an intake vent acts like a mini vacuum cleaner that sucks air). BTW the opolar does something like this;
  12. Hello I want to cool the laptop MSI GE63VR RAIDER GTX 1070 which has a lot of intake vents at the bottom and 4 exhaust vents (2 in each side and 2 in the rear end). I am thinking of using a combination of cooling pads and vacuum suction fans (opolar). A set up I thought of is having a cooling pad at the bottom of the laptop and having 2 opolar suction fans attached to the 2 rear ends on the back. Under this set up what would be the expected maximum and average temperatures of CPU and GPU when doing a demanding task such as playing Witcher 3 or running Primemark+Furmark. Without cooling pad or suction vacuums the temperatures can reach 97 C for both CPU and GPU; something that I do not like. Answers will be appreciated