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  1. Emshade

    WAN show 12. July

    Where is the 12th july wanshow on floatplane!
  2. Emshade

    Dead drive

    Hello, not sure if anyone LTT related will read this, but my HDD recently died along with some crucial data. After a ton of trial and error with alot of tips form the web including various LTT videos, I had to face the hard truth that my data was lost. However there was one thing I hadnt tried (short of specialized data recovery services, #expensive) and that was trying to get a new pcb for the hdd. This led me to take the pcb of the hdd make which in turn made me notice that the contact points had eroded.. Some scraping later and boom it worked and my data is now secure Why I didn't think of it before is beyond me, perhaps simply because it was never a topic anywhere I went for internett knowledge. I thought I should share this incase other ppl have issues with drives dying.