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  1. i just want to draw attention of every one to cheap rates of lte in india i mean you could get 1.5 gigs of 4G data every day for 30 days in less than 2$ with unlimited calling and sms. thats pretty cheap. i literally pay 6 $ every 3 months for my mobile bill. all thanks to JIO
  2. while searching for a new screen for my laptop i came across an AAS panel what is it and how its different than AHVA or TN
  3. i am not locking the cpus , suppose i am under a workload that require 4.6 ghz load to run then which one will consume less power and generate less heat
  4. just tell me that an 8700 at 4.6 ghz will consume more power or an 8700k at 4.6ghz?
  5. if two cpu i7 8700 and i7 8700k are under same frequency which one will be more efficient? i.e. consume less power for maintaining same frequency.
  6. just have a look at the link i gave look at the configure tab, you can see under gsync technology they offer gsync for an additional 96$ even though the laptop panel LP156WF6-SPB1 already supports gsync.
  7. Is it possible that the Gsync module is for the display ports for external monitor?
  8. i am ordering a custom built laptop with Clevo P750TM1 barebone that already has a gsync enabled panel LG LP156WF6-SPB1. but the website is asking another 100 $ for gsync.What does it mean does gsync demends on anything other than a display panel and gpu? http://www.eurocom.com/ec/configure(2,431,0)SkyX4C
  9. i am not planning to overclock it i just wanted k model for .5 ghz higher base clock, It can overclock tho according to the website as Clevo P750tm1 have ample room for cooling under nice environment
  10. since ram is the cheapest part to upgrade i will most likely upgrade it in a month or so in 1st system too.
  11. I have to make a dicision here, i am buying a laptop barebone with laptops supporting upto i7 8700k desktop grade and a gtx 1070 mxm card. i am buying it for college purpose like basic programming with cpp and python(required from year 2) and some gaming like PUBG, Fifa 18 and future versions, CS GO, GTA 5 and maybe 6and other multiplayer and also using some CPU demanding apps in future, Assuming i have to use this laptop for around 5 years. Shall i go for 1. i3 8100 + gtx 1070 + NVME Boot drive + 8 GB Ram @ 150k Rupees (2150$) and upgrading CPU, RAM, Other Storage, screen(120hz from 60) in future 2. i7 8700K + gtx 1060 + NVME boot drive+ 500gb Sata SSD+ 16 GB Ram @150k Rupees (2150$) and upgrade GPU and screen later also considering in meantime if nvidia launches next gen of graphic cards i will get that version if it is MXM and have same tdp.
  12. i found one 120 hz panel that is an easy repcacement for the mentioned panel with same requirements but it is a TN panel. So now the question is weather to go from IPS Gsync 60hz to TN 120hz or not. And about the laptop all major components are upgradable like CPU(it has i5 8600K), GpU(MXM cards supplied by dealer) and all components are non-soldered on the mainboard
  13. its a barebone laptop Clevo Barebone - P750TM1
  14. can I replace lp156wf6-spb1 with B156HAN04.2 or B156HAN04.5?
  15. I purchased an upgradable laptop Azom Exigo form a local dealer (azom.systems) and it came with an LG LP156WF6-SPB1 display. I am planning to upgrade it to a 120 Hz Gsync one. What are my options so that I won't lose the quality of LG LP156WF6-SPB1 and also get 120 Hz Gsync experience? and the barebone used for the laptop is Clevo P150SMA