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  1. Budget (including currency): Open to what will best match the RX580 Country: Canada Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Mostly CS:GO / Xplane and web browsing Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): I currently got a 512gb NVMe drive, AMD RX580, Corsair AX760i powersupply NZXT ATX case, 2tb mechanical drive, all left over from other builds. What motherboard / CPU / ram combo should I get to compliment this hardware and to mostly place CS:GO / Xplane?
  2. I have a Core i7 4770K with a RX580 and 16gb of Ram I use for gaming this is just something to mess around with a learn a bit more about servers / networking. Im just curious what other users would use it for. Would you install pfsense? or snort? would you use it for mining? would you create a home cloud service?
  3. the servers limit I believe is ~200watts on PCI-E but the GTX 760 uses 6 pin power cable anyways and the server has spare 6 pin off the power supply anyways so power with that card is not an issue. Not sure what the GT1030 I have requires. I know it does not accept external power and uses the PCI-E slot. The spec sheet for this sever also says it can handle 3 GPUs as well.
  4. Ok, so here is the setup. I recently came into a server that I have setup in my home just for messing around with. Its a HP Proliant ML350 Gen 8 with Dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2620s, 96g of RAM and 2 TB of SAS storage. It is running ESXi 6.5. My home has gigabit internet (1gbs up and 1gbs down) What would you guys do with a server like that in your home? I am very curious what would people would do with hardware like this. I am currently running a windows 2016 server VM that runs PLEX / deluge and sonar and acts as a network storage for all other PCs in the home. I also have a Ubuntu server vm that runs a webserver and MySQL server. I have an OSX VM that I use just to run OSX software I play with every now and then. I also have an older GTX 760 and GT1030 kicking around I can install in the server for PCI-E passthrough if someone can think of anything to do with those.
  5. the reason I am leaning towards AMD gpu is because my monitor is a curved 27" samsung with freesync but does not support gsync. Is freesync / gsync worth it for gaming?
  6. guess my next purchase is going to be a RX 580 or a Vega 56 if I can find one for a good price. I would say I will hold off on CPU / Mobo until Ryzen 2 if thats not to far away.
  7. should also note i am located in Canada but not opposed to buying used components off ebay or american sites either.
  8. Guess should start with some background information. I mostly use my computer for gaming (CS:GO so not very demanding) and a small amount of photo / video editing. My current system is getting a bit older now and I would like to upgrade but don't want to spend much money at the moment. Going to take my old hardware as I start replacing it and use it to build a small home server. Current specs are: Core i7 4770k (Overclocked to 4.6GHZ) H100i Watercooler 16GB GSkill DDR3 (Overclocked slightly) Gigabyte Z87N-WIFI motherboard Gigabyte N760-OC 2GD (GTX 760 Windforce) video card (overclocked about 10% NZXT S340 Elite Case (first new part, still have older bit fenix case kicking around for my server build) Corsair neutron 256 GB SSD 1 TB western digital drive I am wanting to upgrade to Ryzen CPU and a new video card eventually. Would you suggest a new motherboard and CPU first? or upgrade the GPU first. More leaning towards a AMD gpu as well since my monitor is freesync capable but not gsync. How competive is the 4770k now compared to a new ryzen CPU? how does the 760 OC stack up compared to say a new rx580 or vega 56? Thanks, Richard