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  1. Funny you ask because I actually had XMP off, which was allowing my ram to only run at 2133 MHz, I went and changed that to XMP on, with a MHz of now 3200, running at its full potential, tested Heaven again after and it definitely ran smoother than it did before. Like you said though, can't be the CPU. However bumping up the ram did seem to help, although I noticed while playing some Far Cry 5, it didn't fix it entirely, there were still some moments where it would sutter, I will run Heaven again tomorrow and post the results.
  2. No, had to RMA the one I first got, been the same since I built the computer
  3. So I ran Heaven Benchmark which I had not done in a while. Does exactly what Im talking about. Also forget to mention I RMA'd my GPU once before and they said something was wrong with it, had the same problems before and still have the same problems now, but I'm just not too confident that it's my GPU alone that's causing the problem.
  4. I appreciate it although thats been done plenty of times, I know a lot of base level general computer knowledge, so I guess I'm looking for a more in depth troubleshooting process to figure out what could possibly lead to this.
  5. Before I even get into the problem allow me to list my specs. GTX 1080Ti Blower Edition (not overclocked) i-7 8700k (not overclocked) Corsair Liquid Cooling h100i Gskill TridentZ 8GB x2 750 W Corsair Power Supply M.2 SSD 4TB HD ASUS ROG STRX 370z Motherboard Let me know if any other specs are needed. I have read many forums and opened my own on this issue before, so note that most of the starter steps for troubleshooting, I have already done. I built my computer myself, I had these slight GPU Usage Drops paired with suttering when fortnite first came out. Essentially I have tried almost everything. I got the M.2 Drive which seemed to help some, though some games still stutter such as Escape from Tarkov and Dying Light. Though other games that require a massive amount of GPU usage like Star Wars Battlefront 2, run smooth. Also its not my internet because that has been thoroughly tested and I have a brother who plays the same games as me that experiences none of these issues. This is what I am talking about essentially. I had wondered about when the GPU usage drops, the CPU usage spikes, maybe some sort of bottleneck? Any troubleshooting is appreciated. Things I have tried: Resetting Entire PC multiple times and attempting to play games with nothing installed. Different Hard Drives. Different updates of the GPU drivers. Overclocking GPU and CPU. Trying different power outlets. and multiple others that Ive forgotten over time. Anything helps. Thanks in advance.
  6. Update, I plugged my monitors into my integrated GPU driver in the motherboard, it started just fine. Monitors worked, also tried a friends computer and it works with my monitors. Any idea what might be causing the GPU to do this? the fans turn on when it starts, don’t really have the money for a new 1080 Ti so wondering if there’s any fix? Or maybe a place to fix it?
  7. Ok so I got home from work. My computer starts all the lights and fans turn on for everything. But my monitors, I have two, are not turning on. Just a black screen, I’ve taken out my GPU, switched its sockets, I’ve also tried on monitor at a time, as well as unplugging everything and taking the mobo battery out. Any suggestions on what I should do? Never had this issue before. - Specs - GTX 1080 Ti i7 8700k (not overclocked right now) 16 GB G Skill Trident Ram Asus ROG Strix 370z MOBO M.2 SSD 4TB HDD 750 Watt Power Supply, Corasair CPU is water cooled Never had an over heating problem, like I said all fans and lights in the computer turn on as well. On the MOBO there is a green light but that just means the PSU is on stand by, any help greatly appreciated.
  8. I never got a notification that you responded, even though its been about 20 days, my ram is Gskill, it was about 220 dollars, not cheap, for 2 sticks of 8gb, 16gb in all. BUt i got the new m.2 drive and everything runs well.
  9. Thanks boss, I will get that done sometime today and let you know how it goes, appreciate the help a lot.
  10. Okay so I did some more looking online. Some poeple had similiar problems but found fixes that I had already tried. But I went into open recourse monitor and found this. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-t5VLdfimoA3xh9UVFd4vq0bZDCXWcqR https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xR-VLZReQbxQqYcb3K2WHic02k857c5m As you can see me 6CPU and 4CPU seem to have a much heavier load than others, dont know it thats off. I kind of marked some things off to see if that would help narrow it down for you. THINGS THAT IT IS NOT -Weak Power (tried different power strips, i have a 850 watt power supply so I think thats enough) -Hard Drives or SSD's -GPU, ran multiple stress tests -Overheating, CPU nor GPU over heat, even have set fan speeds for GPU now -Ran MEMTEST86 on RAM and nothing showed up, also tried ram individually. -Its not my OS or any type of software, so it has to be hardware related at this point -Updated all drivers, uninstalled drivers and what not THINGS I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO DO -Basically replace parts, I havent tried a diff GPU or CPU or MOBO or RAM or power supply Question, out of all the parts which ones should I try, to see what the culprite is, im not buying anything, I just need to know so I can replace those first with someone elses. Lemme know @Jay Deah
  11. So I overclocked GPU, still havent done RAM and CPU. But everything runs alot smoother with the new drive. Battlerite would get the stutters quite often and now its not as bad, but still does it. So since a new drive helped. do you think it would be the motherboard. Maybe CPU. I overclocked my CPU when I first got it, and my computer crashed once from an unstable OC, do you think that could have damaged it or something?
  12. No I have not yet, I am going to OC my RAM and CPU today. Didn't have time today, as well as my GPU. Then I'll let you know how everything runs.
  13. Okay they are. I have them in the correct slots. Okay so question. The M.2 drive helped, a lot. Though I sitll get these freezes occasionally, not as much though. Knowing that the drive helped do you think you could link that to the potential problem? @WallacEngineering
  14. What about the RAM I mentioned one post above yours?
  15. http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/8146455 The new benchmark after installing the SSD. One question, for the RAM it says, Performing below potential (26th percentile) - ensure that a dual+ channel XMP BIOS profile is enabled, what is that and how can I fix it?