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  1. Frame Freezes when gaming, may be GPU?

    I never got a notification that you responded, even though its been about 20 days, my ram is Gskill, it was about 220 dollars, not cheap, for 2 sticks of 8gb, 16gb in all. BUt i got the new m.2 drive and everything runs well.
  2. Frame Freezes when gaming, may be GPU?

    Thanks boss, I will get that done sometime today and let you know how it goes, appreciate the help a lot.
  3. Frame Freezes when gaming, may be GPU?

    Okay so I did some more looking online. Some poeple had similiar problems but found fixes that I had already tried. But I went into open recourse monitor and found this. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-t5VLdfimoA3xh9UVFd4vq0bZDCXWcqR https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xR-VLZReQbxQqYcb3K2WHic02k857c5m As you can see me 6CPU and 4CPU seem to have a much heavier load than others, dont know it thats off. I kind of marked some things off to see if that would help narrow it down for you. THINGS THAT IT IS NOT -Weak Power (tried different power strips, i have a 850 watt power supply so I think thats enough) -Hard Drives or SSD's -GPU, ran multiple stress tests -Overheating, CPU nor GPU over heat, even have set fan speeds for GPU now -Ran MEMTEST86 on RAM and nothing showed up, also tried ram individually. -Its not my OS or any type of software, so it has to be hardware related at this point -Updated all drivers, uninstalled drivers and what not THINGS I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO DO -Basically replace parts, I havent tried a diff GPU or CPU or MOBO or RAM or power supply Question, out of all the parts which ones should I try, to see what the culprite is, im not buying anything, I just need to know so I can replace those first with someone elses. Lemme know @Jay Deah
  4. Frame Freezes when gaming, may be GPU?

    So I overclocked GPU, still havent done RAM and CPU. But everything runs alot smoother with the new drive. Battlerite would get the stutters quite often and now its not as bad, but still does it. So since a new drive helped. do you think it would be the motherboard. Maybe CPU. I overclocked my CPU when I first got it, and my computer crashed once from an unstable OC, do you think that could have damaged it or something?
  5. Frame Freezes when gaming, may be GPU?

    No I have not yet, I am going to OC my RAM and CPU today. Didn't have time today, as well as my GPU. Then I'll let you know how everything runs.
  6. Frame Freezes when gaming, may be GPU?

    Okay they are. I have them in the correct slots. Okay so question. The M.2 drive helped, a lot. Though I sitll get these freezes occasionally, not as much though. Knowing that the drive helped do you think you could link that to the potential problem? @WallacEngineering
  7. Frame Freezes when gaming, may be GPU?

    What about the RAM I mentioned one post above yours?
  8. Frame Freezes when gaming, may be GPU?

    http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/8146455 The new benchmark after installing the SSD. One question, for the RAM it says, Performing below potential (26th percentile) - ensure that a dual+ channel XMP BIOS profile is enabled, what is that and how can I fix it?
  9. Frame Freezes when gaming, may be GPU?

    Works alot better, still some very occosional little freezes, very fare, so Im guessing my SSD was just bad?
  10. Frame Freezes when gaming, may be GPU?

    Just got the SSD in, I ran one game, ran smooth, no stutters. Onto the main games that I play, will let you guys know, hopefully this fixes it!
  11. Frame Freezes when gaming, may be GPU?

    What should I install/uninstall for the new SSD, GPU drivers or MOBO Bios?
  12. Frame Freezes when gaming, may be GPU?

    Ordering that SSD, should come in 2 days, will let you know if it works. if not gonna RMA motherboard.
  13. Frame Freezes when gaming, may be GPU?

    My CPU is not overclcoked at the moment. I reverted it because I thought that it might be causing the problem. What do you mean by 100Mhz block? Not familiar with that. But its no overclocked right now. Also I will look into the thing you linked, I wlil most definitley be able to buy one if I think so after troubleshooting the SSD. Did the CPU and GPU look fine to you on the link that I sent?
  14. Frame Freezes when gaming, may be GPU?

    Ran this test for my computer its like a benchmark of everything, heres what I got. http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/8103996 Any thoughts on that? Doesnt seem to be doing great.
  15. Frame Freezes when gaming, may be GPU?

    Tried some things, went over to a friends to make sure it wasn't internet for sure. Tried the RAM shit, ASUS wants to RMA my motherboard, I dont know what else to do so, gonna try switching stuff out from my friends computer. Thats all I know left to do. Dont know what could be causing this anymore. Never heard of RAM causing little hiccups like that in the GPU usage so who knows.