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  1. First PC build (Gaming)

    I'd like for gaming and everyday use.. Been doing FPS all my life with the occasional Single player games like Uncharted series and Fallout! I will handle the peripherals on the side. Edit: Uncharted is Playstation exclusive my bad lol
  2. First PC build (Gaming)

    Gaming and everyday use. Just the build as I will do peripherals on the side.
  3. First PC build (Gaming)

    Just picked this off the build guide as a base because I'm new to this and have ZERO clue to what's good or not. I'm open to improvements if needed! My Budget is 1200 USD$ https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ZHy68Y Edit 1: Sorry for not being very specific. I would like it for gaming and every day use. Budget is only for the builds and I will take care of peripherals on the side!
  4. First PC build (Gaming)

    Been gaming on console for as long as I can remember, and I'm finally ready to make the switch to PC! As the title suggest I'm looking to build a Gaming PC! I'm a complete noob and would greatly appreciate the help. Budget: $800-$1200 USD Budget only includes the PC as I will pick my own peripherals.