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  1. Hello. So currently I have the astro a40 and accompanying mixamp but due to the a40 headset slightly breaking in a way that reduces comfort I've looked into buying a pair of headphones as I already own an external mic. I've done a fair amount of research myself but I would like to ask some final questions. Question 1:As Astro a40 with the mixamp is usually considered one of the premium gaming headsets, I am wondering how much of an improvement I'd get by upgrading to one of the headphones usually recommended for gaming (DT 770/990, Sennheiser 598/598cs etc). Do note however I do value quality when it comes to music and film as well, not only gaming.According to a guide that I'll link below, the astro a40 with the mixamp score very close to say DT770 and the HD598 which makes me question whether it really is worth the investment. Would love to hear some input, especially if you've owned the a40s previously. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/mad-lust-envys-headphone-gaming-guide-3-14-2018-audeze-mobius-impressions-check-latest-updates.534479/ Question 2:A constant argument I see in favour of open headsets vs closed ones when it comes to gaming is the bigger soundstage as it is supposed make it easier identifying footsteps and from what direction etc. I currently have no problems with that with my a40s which I assume are closed.Is the difference really that big between closed and open headphones? Or is it more like that both are just fine for identifying footsteps and direction, just that open ones are a bit better?Question 3:Does anyone have experience with open headphones and condensers microphones? I have a samson meteor mic with a stand which puts it roughly 20-30 cm from my mouth. I am worried that with open headphones the sound leakage would be bad enough for the mic to pick it up which would be very annoying as I am almost always in discord with people.Does anyone have any experience with this?