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  1. Sorry for the delayed response but where would i find the usb in the ILO thing?
  2. by that do you mean flicking the dip switches (1, 5 and 6) to on? if so i've done that 3 times already on seperate occasions
  3. That one was an earlier one that was about all usb ports in general, but i will keep that in mind in future. Thanks for the heads up
  4. I don't know where i'd find it in the bios (RBSU) but i have tried both internal usb slots and the two front usb ports
  5. It just won't boot to the usb it goes straight to trying the other boot methods (disc drive, hard drives, network boot (i disabled network boot to try and speed up the cycle) etc.) So far i've tried unplugging and plugging it back in, seeing if it shows up in bios on another pc (lenovo M73) and can boot to that same pc, then moving to another usb which also didn't work. as far as i know no errors come up
  6. So after the last issue was solved a new one has occured, Unraid booted fine but after a reboot it wouldn't boot back to the unraid USB consistently. no settings have been changed but it doesn't seem to want to boot to the usb
  7. Update, Fairly sure i've got the USB ports working but it won't boot from the USB i have UNRAID on (edit) The usb is a Kingston DataTraveler Gen 4 (16GB)
  8. So I recently obtained a HPE DL580 G7 and as of today it would seem the USB's aren't working I haven't done anything usb related except using a usb keyboard and trying to use the UNRAID USB. First thing i tried was moving to the secondary BIOS which worked and it booted to unraid but after a reboot it stopped working again. If anyone can help that would be amazing
  9. Any SD cards or USBs (brand or whatver) would you recommend using/avoiding?
  10. Recently obtained a DL580 G7 and noticed it had an SD card slot, would it be fine to just chuck unraid on an SD card and run it off of that, if so how long would it last before i'd have to replace it?
  11. well putitng it on a new hdd and maybe even run it on a better pc
  12. is there a way to do it without formatting/ loosing everything on it
  13. is there any way i could use a virtual machine or sumfin or a emulator
  14. would it be possible to use an IDE OG Xbox hard drive and boot it in a pc with an ide interface