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  1. Currently Clash Royale Polytopia The Trail and just started on Dungeon Defense
  2. I guess i was just frustrated about it, to put it in Linus's mock style of wording " Oh here is a an awesome service that is literally what you dreamt about, But oh no, you are from a poor developing country, you wont get this awesome service, Oh well, Sucks to be you!" This was also me trying to know a) is it even possible to use VPN to avail this service b) is it illegal to bypass location restrictions in such manner, or As Linus himself says in his Techquickie Hackintosh FAP video just "heavily frowned upon" Common sense says it shouldnt be possible, but maybe just maybe.. one can hope
  3. The real reason i mentioned steam was as an excuse to get the 5$ But yes, you can get steam gift cards here, although not in any supermarket, just in very limited ones, a few per state i think.. except in some, as far as i know (depends on how much urban your area is) Mostly my friends buy gift cards online or directly use cards or net banking to purchase games or refill steam wallet. I am not worried about purchasing from steam. I am worried about directly using my card number for the purchase, which is mostly just me being paranoid. But the fact is stuff here is easily hackable and iam afraid in that sense, if iam using a random debit card, at least my real card info will not get into the wrong hands. Basically its not steam that worries me, but losing important data through pc, wifi, isp or other stuff. The recent update on the WAN show about NCIX server data mishaps makes me worry more. As for the Banks, thankfully they do respond well to stolen money and transaction mishaps, and usually get you the money back. Dunno how much proactive they are though. As far as i know, majority of cards are based on the magnetic stripes, chip system is being slowly implemented but awareness of card holders and the infrastructue for the chip system in ATMs is still not wide spread. But it is available, if you have access to it. I have no idea about RFID. Never knew it was also implemented in Bank cards until you mentioned it.
  4. Hey guys, its my first post in LTT. I don't know if this is the right section. If any mod has seen this and there is a better section for this post, pls inform me so that i can post in the right place, or if you have the power, pls do so yourself. I saw the recent Techlinked video (Bendgate 2.0 -21/12/2018) in which i learned about Privacy.com for the first time. I had the sponsor in the back of mind, as i own a debit card and was always skeptical to use it, but has to use it in certain situations, especially when some of there are some good offers if i use my Banks card and i have to save a buck where i can and so and so. But apparently the Android app isn't available in India. Can anyone confirm if I can access it by using a vpn? or is it risky to try and do so? But most of all does it even work for Indian debit cards? (There is an irony here i guess, using a vpn so that i can get a technical vpn for my debit card) And yes I do need that 5$.. for steam of course.. I can finally get some 5$ games.. I am looking at you Klei Entertainment... Or maybe Astroneer.. Although i doubt if my potato pc can handle it.. Or at least I can change my limited account status in steam.