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  1. Which Motherboard

    Or if anyone has any other motherboard suggestions please do tell
  2. I'm stuck choosing between two motherboards so if anyone could help it would be really appreciated! (i do plan on overclocking) MSI z270 PC Matte OR Gigabyte z270-HD3 My full build - https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/4fTLD2
  3. I am planning to buy a gigabyte z270-HD3 but it has yellow led on it. Is there any possible way to turn it off or is there any other very similar motherboard.
  4. Thoughts?

    Thanks man.
  5. Thoughts?

    I'm planning to build this, what are your thoughts on it and could someone tell me if i can overclock with this build? https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/NnDLD2
  6. Is this good?

    how do i check?
  7. Thoughts?

    1700$ is my budget
  8. Is this good?

  9. Thoughts?

    what are your opinions on this build? (AUD)
  10. SSD Question!

    Would 480gb be enough?
  11. SSD Question!

    If I install apps such as google, photoshop, steam etc. on an ssd would it open faster?
  12. Does this work?

    what would you recommend?
  13. Does this work?

    AUD and is that not enough ram?
  14. Is this good?

    My download speed is about 5-10mbps while my upload is around 1mbps. Should i even consider buying this? ASUS PCE-AC56 AC1300 Dual Band
  15. Anyone know any cheap (around $100AUD) motherboards for intel cpu's? My current build is this but my friend told me to go Intel.