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  1. Yeah I figured it will most certainly be fine just the nagging thought of where the card you get in return has been through. I'm just too attached to mine but I'll probably get over it once I get the replacement is in.
  2. Yeah I was gonna guess that they probably sent back repaired RMA units in their stockpile. But man having to send in a fairly new GPU that hasn't been overclocked or stressed and that I've taken care of, man it hurts having to probably saying good bye and possibly getting someone else's more abused/worn GPU is kind of a bitter moment. But then again my card is absolutely borked so I guess it's more bittersweet.
  3. I'm about to mail in my EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 XC2 card that died out 6 months in and I suddenly hit the realization today that I've never gone through an RMA process yet for any computer hardware/component manufacturer and I began to ask myself what kind of units do they replace your part with? Most of these RMA processes state they reship a part within a few days, which makes me wonder if that's enough time to troubleshoot and repair parts such as with my GPU the issue is that it isn't even detected in the BIOS. So I would imagine fixing this thing would take longer, with processing and various standard bureaucracy, to fix. So that got me wondering do most hardware/component manufacturers ship new or replacement parts? Or do they actually take the time to do things as potentially extensive as for example a board repair that requires precise soldering work. EVGA's RMA website doesn't really spell out what their policy is on the quality of the replacement unit.
  4. Ok so ever since my phone was updated back in October 2018 the default phone app (A.K.A. Samsung Call) on my Samsung Galaxy S7 has been gimped...Symptoms:- Whenever I receive incoming call the app launches and receives the call normally.- Cannot make any calls, the actual app with the "Phone" icon can be clicked on but doesn't launch, which includes the dialer.- I cannot launch calls by using the Contacts App.- I can actually successfully launch an outgoing call by going through my text Message app(which is still the default Samsung app) and by selecting a person's number through a message they sent I am able to use the drop down menu to launch a call.Fix Attempts:- Attempted uninstalling & reinstalling only the Samsung Call app- Attempted to clear the cache and data for the Samsung Call app (for all 3 of them because 3 of them show up in my app list whenever Show System Apps option is checked)- Attempted Factory Reset of the phone, both through the Settings/General Management/Reset menu and through the Android Bootloader/BiosI'm at a loss as to what to try next, besides nuking the OS on the device and reinstalling it from ground zero. I've asked several other forums, hoping someone can drop some knowledge and save me! Save me!
  5. Yeah I forgot to put the specific model that I had but it is the Gaming variant of the MSI gtx-970. Yeah I was wondering how the colors between the two pieces would match up, but since the logo looks like it might be encased in a black plastic and if I go with like the Corsair water bracket kit, the plastic in that is also a mostly black plastic I figured it would look okay enough. But that's why I was hoping to see if anyone could point me to a more direct image showcase of the MSI logo removed so I could take a look at what it looks like before I even start going down this path. If not I might just disassemble the shroud on my GPU and see if I can get a better assessment of the logo.
  6. Hi there LTT community I had a quick idea/question. I was thinking of water cooling my MSI GTX 970 (Specifically the Geforce GTX 970-Gaming 4G card; https://us.msi.com/Graphics-card/GTX-970-GAMING-4G.html) using an all in one water cooler, like the Corsair Hydro H100i. But I also wanted to keep the LED dragon logo from the original MSI shroud and was looking for some inspiration as to ways to get it done. My original thought was maybe using a GPU water cooling bracket kit like the HG10 A1 GPU Liquid Cooling Bracket from Corsair and either cutting out parts of the shroud on that to fit the MSI logo in there and use some adhesive to place the logo. But the question then is whether the LED logo can: Be removed (I have seen a few photos/videos where it appears as if the logo just simply can be unplugged and re-plugged into a connector on the GPU but I haven't found any conclusive visual evidence.) If I use the GPU water cooling mounting bracket kit, whether after plugging in the single fan into the GPU connector pins if there will still be available pins to plug in the LED logo (this point relies on point 1 being valid) Lastly I wanted to see if anyone had examples of a similar mod they've done of this so I can try and gauge how the end product would look, and also advice as to how difficult/frustrating the operation would be. I'm also open to ideas/inspirations on how to mount an all in one water cooling system on the GPU while keeping the original MSI GPU shroud. Any pictures or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Edit: Listed my GPU model in more detail