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    All kinds of Tech, 3D Printing, Bikes, Cars and Boats, Diving, Science like Quantum Physics.
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    Medical Student and Part time Engineer


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    Asrock Z170 Extreeme7+
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    G.Skill 16GB
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    GTX 1050TI
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    Samsung NVME 256GB
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    AIO Corsair
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    5.1 Surround by EAudio
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    Windows 10 Pro Custom
  1. I want to buy a new gaming PC

    should add though, for 10 000RMB (1477USD) you can buy or build a top end computer. I did and only used ~$800 AUD which i think is about 70c to us dollar. but it still stands and pre-built system with a card will do nicely.
  2. I want to buy a new gaming PC

    any prebuilt pc say hp desktop with a graphics card added will do fine. you can go onto ebay and search for core i7 computer, core i7 being the processor. then get a gforce gtx 960 ish, cheep and simple do anything pc. Note: graphics cards are still a little expensive due to crypto miners so take your time and search, I'm always happy to help out.
  3. Which Server OS - I'm not staying with freeNAS

    Ok thank you Electronics Wizardy
  4. Which Server OS - I'm not staying with freeNAS

    Oh, so Proxmox might be able to make the shares available with no VM installed. Thank you very much for your help Leadeater, I might use virtualbox to have a play around with these.Take care
  5. Which Server OS - I'm not staying with freeNAS

    The licence is also for windows server? I will look into that then. I haven't gone and used the image's yet I'm waiting to hear what you guy's say. So should I use this Proxmox instead of ESXI? either way I'll figure out how to use it.
  6. Which Server OS - I'm not staying with freeNAS

    Ok. well it's a hacked version i'm to poor to pay but if windows will let me put one big share on the network while using minimal system resources then that's what I want. Then I can expand the mirror when the time comes and have program compatibility. Windows server also ha that RoFs file system, How do you guy's feel about that?
  7. Which Server OS - I'm not staying with freeNAS

    Yes, this one had a usb inside on the motherboard that i'm using, the next gen had the SD card
  8. Which Server OS - I'm not staying with freeNAS

    So Proxmox is very similar to ESXI but with different and/or added features. I'm open to it, I'm really using ESXI so I can view the system and manage remotely without SSH-ing into the OS. I just don't kknow witch OS is easier to make network shared of my storage space.
  9. Which Server OS - I'm not staying with freeNAS

    Sorry I should have been more detailed. It's a HP Proliant DL380 G5 which has a p400 raid card, 4x2TB drives in mirror so I only see 2. I know freeNAS goes from my usb to the RAM, If the other OS didn't do the same ill install an ssd for the os and leave the storage free.
  10. Hello my friends. I currently have a server with freeNAS running Plex and NextCloud on it and it has been working great. The problem is that I found out about how difficult it is to add HDD to my one big share as well as lack of software support software for freeNAS. I want to BOINC/FOLD, Plex, and do openHAB type stuff and creating a VM to do this on dosen't solve the fact that I can't really add HDD to my ZFS in freeNAS. I would Like to use ESXI and either linux server or windows server 2016 creating one big storage share available to the network. Could anyone with insight suggest which way to go with the operating system.
  11. Gaming on the move

    Gaming Laptop, You can get a bargain with a second hand one with a Graphics Card in it. Or get a raspberry PI and run Classic Nintendo games on it. that can be run of a phone power pack. A Retro Pi it's called
  12. 7700K hgih temps

    Every CPU is a tiny bit different. Go with the best thermal paste, get a baseline at standard clock and go in increments from there.
  13. Location of pfSence in Network

    Cool, I'll run a VM then and give it the Gigabit card. Thanks again
  14. Location of pfSence in Network

    I'm running freeNAS so pfSence will be in a jail which is the same as a vm but for programs. If I give it 2GB Ram, 1 3ghz Core, and 5GB HDD should that do?
  15. Location of pfSence in Network

    The pfSence won't use much resources will it. This is my storage server with plex.