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    Asrock Z170 Extreeme7+
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    G.Skill 16GB
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    GTX 1050TI
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    Samsung NVME 256GB
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    AIO Corsair
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    5.1 Surround by EAudio
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    Windows 10 Pro Custom

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    All kinds of Tech, 3D Printing, Bikes, Cars and Boats, Diving, Science like Quantum Physics.
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    Medical Student and Part time Engineer
  1. Gaming on the move

    Gaming Laptop, You can get a bargain with a second hand one with a Graphics Card in it. Or get a raspberry PI and run Classic Nintendo games on it. that can be run of a phone power pack. A Retro Pi it's called
  2. 7700K hgih temps

    Every CPU is a tiny bit different. Go with the best thermal paste, get a baseline at standard clock and go in increments from there.
  3. Location of pfSence in Network

    Cool, I'll run a VM then and give it the Gigabit card. Thanks again
  4. Location of pfSence in Network

    I'm running freeNAS so pfSence will be in a jail which is the same as a vm but for programs. If I give it 2GB Ram, 1 3ghz Core, and 5GB HDD should that do?
  5. Location of pfSence in Network

    The pfSence won't use much resources will it. This is my storage server with plex.
  6. Location of pfSence in Network

    Thank you.
  7. Location of pfSence in Network

    Yes excellent idea, this could also work with another router couldn't it, either way i'd have all traffic running through the router firewall and the pfSence firewall that would have to keep the freeNAS server safe. Thanks
  8. Location of pfSence in Network

    Hello everyone. I have a HP Server with 2 gigabit LAN built in but it also had a PCI-X card with 2 gigabit connections on it. I know i can run pfSence on this card to add a firewall other than the routers one but will it's location make a difference. Currently I have the phone cable come into a router, the WIFI goes to Phones and Wife's Laptop, the only LAN in use goes to a Netgear switch that has my PC and FreeNAS Server, Playstation, and Soon security camera's. I know if I run the cable from the router to the switch through pfSence it will protect the server and everything on the switch but not the WIFI. Is there another way to set this up that will protect everything? Any Help is Appreciated.
  9. Cheap but GOOD monitor?

    When it comes to monitors many have the same features. I'd start looking for LG, Sony, ASUS, Samsung and other top end brands, they all offer low cost solutions and second hand ones are going to hold up because the components used are of a much better quality which will make a difference by it's self. Bad brands with all the features can have worse image that basic good brand monitors. Here are some basic examples https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Philips-BDM3201FD-32-LED-LCD-Gaming-Monitor-FHD-1080P-16-9-HDMI-DVI-Speaker-IPS/232762449342?epid=2255282266&hash=item3631b91dbe:g:mZQAAOSwQHpa87wM https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Samsung-S22F355FHE-21-5-LED-Cheap-Computer-Monitor-5MS-FHD-1080P-16-9-HDMI-VGA/263266440524?epid=23003301222&hash=item3d4be7154c:g:kgwAAOSwFBhazr01 Here's an example of bad monitor brand https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AOC-I2379VHE-23-24-LED-LCD-Computer-Monitor-5MS-FHD-1080P-16-9-VGA-HDMI-IPS/222606305468?epid=2256180676&hash=item33d45ea8bc:g:HCoAAOSwUP5a87xd
  10. Zotac Gtx 670 High Temp After Changing Thermal Paste

    Never buy $8 thermal paste or bulk tubs of it, they are bad conductors of heat compared to proper stuff and can sometimes conduct electricity so if some of the paste touches other components it can short they out.. A small tube of Icy Diamond or other reputable brands of thermal paste will last the average person a long time. Also be careful with your application to avoid air bubbles, Linus has a video of applying paste.
  11. RAM Upgrade

    I concur, Kingston. kingston, samsung, gskill, corsair are very reliable brands. but Many brands either use samsung or kingston chips in their ram, I'm simplifying of course but kingston being the makers of the chips is a very reliable brand.
  12. Query about second hand Gigabit Switch

    Thank you very very much AnonymousGuy, your correct of course. I'll be following this advice, i thing I just got bit with the tech bug after buying a server. I just hate it hot the router drops internet for 2 seconds every 15min or so just because i'm using the 4 gigabit LANS which arn't active all the time. but a simple switch will manage the traffic between my lab and all that will go to the router is internet and plex. Thanks Again.
  13. Query about second hand Gigabit Switch

    I will buy the one you suggested. Thanks again.
  14. In need of a GPU or CPU Upgrade?

    There were firmware problems with this card originally. Your tech is good so as long as your coolers are free of dust and there arn't any funny programs grabbing at the card Id say update the firmware and tweek a little so see if you can get the two to work together better.
  15. Query about second hand Gigabit Switch

    Thank you very much Electronics Wizardy, I actually looked at this first https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/RJ45-Network-Gigabit-Switch-Computer-Ethernet-Internet-8-Ports-10-100-1000Mbps/282871331149?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 But I suppose the tech bug bit and I went overboard. You've been a great help.