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  1. Jorge0o

    voltage behavior

    I opened my bios and saw no option called llc.
  2. Jorge0o

    voltage behavior

    don´t know how to do that.
  3. Jorge0o

    voltage behavior

    llc? @levent
  4. I have oc my i5 8600k to 5ghz at a maximum set voltage of 1.34, but when I stress test it the voltage as I have it in adaptive mode goes down to like 1.260 max. the problem is I want to keep those voltages, but as soon as the test ends the voltage sets to 1.344 intantly and remains there. How do I keep those voltages always?
  5. If memory channels are dependent on the motherboard, why are ram sticks advertised as dual, single and quad channel?
  6. Jorge0o

    choosing a cooler

    HI, I want to know what coolers do you recommend me for an i5 8600k when planning to do medium overclocking.
  7. Jorge0o

    general opinions

    @Homeless Pineapple thanks for the tips. I wanted to ask you that if my router says it has n and ac compatibility, is my wi fi adapter ok?
  8. Jorge0o

    general opinions

    I need help from someone who is more advanced, since I am a beginner. To tell me if there is something wrong with this PC. I know i am missing the gpu https://pcpartpicker.com/user/JorgeSuarez/saved/#view=kqmccf