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  1. hmza

    wd blue ssd 500gb or kingston uv480

    60$ i do not use it for high-performance (use for web development)
  2. I will buy a wd blue ssd 500gb for my laptop is it good or buy another
  3. hmza

    need advice please ,rx 580

    asus but xfx 8gb , asus 4gb
  4. hmza

    need advice please ,rx 580

  5. hmza

    First PC

    how gpu it is good quiet ,cooling
  6. i want to buy gpu rx 580 to my screen LG 21inc 75hz freesync. which the better XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS XXX Edition 1386MHz OC+ or asus dual RX 580 what card is quiet fans and good cooling
  7. When money is available maybe 4 months ةشي ةشخغ