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  1. Thanks a lot. I will be attempting this soon. Currently, I'm making addressable led shrouds to fit any fan using individual led's and soldering them onto a nice frame. I'll use the method suggested in connecting all of this setup to the 5v aura pin on my motherboard. Thanks a lot for making this thread mate. Can't appreciate enough.
  2. Could you post a video of how it looks when controlled with Aura? Actually wanna see the rainbow mode working on those fans with Aura.
  3. Yeah, looks like the K6 has better build quality compared to the others. I've seen threads about the Gigabyte Aorus one's having VRM Issues. But I've never used Asrock before..
  4. Budget is around 15k INR.These are my options so farMsi z370 Gaming Pro CarbonAsus z370 F StrixAsrock Fatality Z370 Gaming K6Gigabyte Aorus Z370 Gaming Ultra.All look good, but i wanna know which would be a good fit, I'll be pairing it with a 8600k and plan to overclock with a H110i.