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  1. no it didn't shut off from what I could tell. I didn't even have the HDMI plugged in to know what was going on in the bios. after I saw the spark I did see that all of the leds were still lit from all components, then I yanked the power cable out of the wall. the only damage I can find is on the top gpu.
  2. this is an aoi, so I don't know what's in it either. I found what made the spark.... hopefully the damage from a faulty product.. otherwise I just threw $1000 away.
  3. as the title states, my afternoon was ruined. please tell me Enermax will replace these parts. I haven't found much online. I sent in a support ticket today, should probably get a response tomorrow. I should clarify I didn't know it was leaking until after I saw a spark and puff of smoke. what is at risk of being broken here? my first assumption is GPus and processor. should I be worried about ram, mobo, and m.2 SSD?