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  1. i would prefer bigger than 30inch unless i am missing something? i have a 27 now and think it is slightly to small. At work there is a 43 and it far to big.
  2. 1440 and 120hz+ i am honestly not interested in 4k.
  3. I just got a second hand gtx 1080 and amazed with how good it is. I currently have a UltraSharp U2713H 27 and a much older dell 24inch. I am looking to upgrade to a 120Hz+ with g-sync and ideally 30inch+ but i am really struggling to find what i am after. I have looked on PC parts picker but it seems it can only get some of what I want or it is really $$$ What am i doing wrong? Am I expecting to much? LC32JG50QQNZA is as close as i have come. 32GK850G seems to be a good options also?
  4. Hopefully in the spirit of fun for this thread. https://imgur.com/a/XTorV I should really cable it up or something.