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  1. bmichaels556

    I just got my own linux server what should I use it for.

    Something like a web server might be a cool experiment! I mean I'm a noob and did it on Windows with XAMPP but even with only a couple hours of messing with it, I could see how it could be implemented well, even from home. Not too shabby. And yeah, minecraft server or any other game server could be fun as well. Or for something more at home, a file/media server. Can you attach a big HDD to it? Also, a VPN? How would that work for something like this? I wouldn't know, but it sounds interesting. Endless possibilities! Myself, I recently got an old AMD Athlon dual core desktop from a friend. The built-in Nvidia chip went bad, so an old cheap low profile graphics card from Ebay did just fine! This thing is working wonders as a file server. Didn't think it would, but more than sufficient for my uses.
  2. bmichaels556

    Need Help With a Web Design Question

    I know literally nothing about JavaScript. I only took a basic web design course and only really worked with HTML and CSS. And I must say, the site I came up with came out pretty damn good for only using those, but I wouldn't really know where to begin with JavaScript, how to get everything working and whatever. And that's basically what you'd need for what I'm going for, right? Well like... I'd like to be able to get as close to something like the revealjs site above. I don't even need fancy fade-ins in the same slide or anything. Just having what would function as slides, be able to randomize, and monetize. So I'm not sure if it'd do the trick, but maybe... The problem I see with an image carousel is search engines not picking up on the text itself, or that you'd have to click on the entire image and be redirected, rather than just being able to click the link source.. None of that probably even makes any sense lmao
  3. bmichaels556

    Need Help With a Web Design Question

    YES, exactly the type of thing I need. Uh but, can the slides be randomized, and is it free to use..? EDIT: Nope, can't be installed on Hostgator's shared hosting... I wonder if I could build something like this using only HTML, which is something I'd be capable of working on myself, but I wouldn't completely know where to start...
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering how I could make a website that is essentially just one big slideshow. Basically, I'd like to be able to roll a bunch of information and cite a source with each slide, and maybe make them load a new Google ad every time the slide is moved. I'd also like the slides to be randomized, so not necessarily go in order, so that it's less like one big presentation, and more where a plethora of information will be randomly presented to the reader. Again, each slide would need to maybe load a new Google ad. Also, would there be any way to put in some kind of transition between slides? So maybe some kind of 3D rotation as to dress things up a bit? I was hoping that some kind of script would be floating around for this, but I haven't found something like it. Would anyone be able to point me to something like that? I want the site to be fast and clean, so that's why I want to avoid using Wordpress with a plugin. Plus, I don't think the ad situation I want would be possible with a Wordpress slideshow plugin either..
  5. I agree, don't leave us hangin, brother!
  6. Hey gang, quick problem with my printer. It's a Canon MG2522. You know, just a cheapo printer, but one that's served me well for a while now! I've noticed since setting it up again after moving, that it prints "low". For example, suppose on the top and bottom of a document, you've got about a 1 inch margin. Well, the top margin will extend, and the bottom will end up cut off. And it'll even do this when fitting to the page at about 90% scale. But I've never had to fit to page, even for prints of images and whatnot that have gone pretty close to the edge, so this is weird. So the problem seems to be that, the positioning of where the print is supposed to go, is somehow "too low" and so I'm getting this weird cutoff. Now, this is a cheap printer, and it's never been great at printing the edges. You need to account for about half an inch or more, I've found, to not have anything cut off on the outer edges. But this is different and pretty annoying, because it's bad enough to be affecting things like bottom page numbers, or even cutting into the last line of text on a document. I can't seem to find any manual way to re-align this thing, or if this can even be fixed. Hope you guys can help!
  7. bmichaels556

    Best Wiki Software?

    If you were to create a wiki, what software would you probably use? I keep saying MediaWiki, since it's the interface I think most of us would be familiar with. Wikipedia as an example. Only thing is, would it be too familiar as to not differentiate itself from other similar sites? I wonder. My requirements are: Being good for SEO, meaning simply creating and adding info to a page will help it rank (duh) as well as things like the ability to change color scheme of the site on the fly. For example, a light and dark theme. Any other things I can think of, I'll ask on. But those are some things on my mind.
  8. Sorry for late reply, but oh man, that would be so excellent! Hope you can get this thing working, so I can get mine working lmao.
  9. I agree with LastPass... I heard it for YEEAAARRSS on LTT videos until I finally decided to try it. I'm never going back.
  10. If you could ONLY currently wire one device... Your home server, OR the device you primarily send/receive data to/from the server... Which would you benefit by the most as far as latency, and speed? Both devices on 2.4ghz, I'm getting about 8-12MB/s speeds when sending to my network folder(s) wirelessly. I'd imagine wiring even one of them would improve latency, as well as speed. But which one being wired would help most?
  11. bmichaels556

    Cinebench R20 released

    Only thing about this is... It probably just resets our understanding / expectations of cinebench scores? How are scores comparing? How is the new scoring working, and what's changed on what's being done under the hood to warrant a new release? Is there an expected multiplier to predict R20 score, compared to R15? But I guess this is so fresh that we'll need some time with it. How does an X5675 score? I don't want to turn on windows update.
  12. bmichaels556

    Reducing Latency On In-Home Console Streaming?

    Ya' know... That may just be the ticket. At least I'll still be able to get a wired connection going, and I could always upgrade router and stuff later. But I'm sure I'll still see huge improvements over all other options, considering the situation. Thanks a ton for that info, my friend! May think about giving all this a shot this weekend.
  13. bmichaels556

    Reducing Latency On In-Home Console Streaming?

    Well but shouldn't a 200mbps powerline system still be an improvement over even 5ghz wifi? Only because the way my house is, it's not ultra practical to run wires everywhere. Although, I guess I could figure something out with some white cables and staple 'em into the wall maybe..
  14. bmichaels556

    Reducing Latency On In-Home Console Streaming?

    Ah right, gotcha. Okay, that makes sense. See I think conceptually, I was thinking... Well, a higher bitrate would just allow more overall throughput, sort of like having more RAM. Like, the raw speed between 8GB and 64GB of RAM would be "the same", but more RAM would allow a bigger workload. But what you're sort of saying is... No, gigabit ethernet IS faster RAM in the first place, and will be inherently faster, regardless of if your "workload" (or my home internet speed) needs the bigger throughput. Or something like that..? I guess I do remember reading about frequency differences between CAT5, 5e, 6 etc. Which begs the question... Would Gigabit Powerline still give me much of those benefits? And I assume to use anything gigabit, I'd have to upgrade my router as well, right? Weird question, but any way to "overclock" a router to force a higher frequency from a lower speed system/cables and make it perform closer to a higher standard?
  15. bmichaels556

    Reducing Latency On In-Home Console Streaming?

    This is... Probably a dumb question, but... Wouldn't gigabit only benefit me if the devices, and the data being transferred between them, are capable and/or large enough to use it? I mean suppose I went with powerline and still cut my latency in half or more. If the stream itself only maxes at around 20mbps, wouldn't upgrading my router and everything else with it, be a total waste because it wouldn't necessarily improve latency, whether it maxes at 100mbps, or 1000mbps?