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  1. the kit apperntly comes with 3 fans, 1 node pro, 1 led hub per package. So i would have 3 node pros, and 3 led hubs. My theory was 6 fan led cables into 1 hub, and controll cable from that into channel 1 of node pro, then 3 led cables into hub 2 and controll cable from that into channel 2 of node pro. all 3 devies are being powerd by Sata. Im just not sure if that works in practice, because it looks like it could in theory. With that being said. What PSU? because these draw 5v, and i already got 2 ssd, and 2 hdd. Isnt plugging 9 more argb leds into the psu going to require some more top of the shelves types of psu ?
  2. what do i do with the lignting node pro then? im all confused. I thought the node pro had the "physical unit" to controll the leds? How do i connect 9 of them with 1 USB?
  3. Hello, quick simple question: How do i connect 3x3 pack of the LL120mm fans in one go without buying the commander pro? Generally any motherboard takes 1A and 1x120mm of the LL series fans is 0.3 amps, so i can comfortably use a Y-splitter into the motherboard to do 2x2x2 for 6 of the fans. The remaining 3 goes into my Fractal Design Celsius S36 hub that goes into the CPU-header. All i miss now i conneting 9 led cables. In the package theres the ligthing node pro and some sort of hub? i havent seen that thing before, so i dont know, theres a picture below for visual input. Do i have to do 1 led into 1 channel, and 2 leds into 2nd channel x3, and plug all 3 usb connections at the back of my computer? or is there a eaiser and less clunky way? thnaks in advance
  4. h
  5. ah alright, well i returned them anyways. Was just curious as to why it wouldnt OC. Thanks for the info
  6. Im new to ram oc'ing, but i was told to use thaiphoon burner or something to check information on my chips, since aida64, doesnt tell me much other than manufactor. Thaiphoon told me it was B-die, thats why i was confused, because i was under the impression that 3200mhz CL14 is B-die, and not 3000mhz CL15. Also why i was suprised to begin with, but then it wouldnt OC lol.
  7. Hello, I originally had a 2x4gb Ballisitx sport 2666mhz CL16 kit along with my ryzen 5 1600 and b350-f gaming motherboard. I was waiting for ryzen 4000 series but since i managed to sell my ryzen 5 1600 with a nice profit, i snagged a ryzen 5 3600 and bought 2x8gb Vengeance LPX 3000mhz CL15 kit, since i heard zen 2 ryzen was much more compatible with higher Mhz. All well, everything is booting, however, apperntly this memory kit cant do anything above 3000mhz or else my pc wont boot, and i have to clear CMOS. When i was using my 2x4 2666 Mhz CL16 kit, i managed a OC on 3000Mhz with CL14 - 1.35V, but apperntly i cant touch anything on the 2x8 3000mhz CL15 vengeance kit, because it wont boot. I tried 3200mhz and everything else auto, and i got a CL21 as auto, tried putting it down to 20 just to see, aaaand nope. no boot. I tried 3000mhz with cl14, no boot. I upped the volt all the way to 1.48, still no boot in either configuration, besides 3000mhz CL15 which was the standard XMP profile. Is there any major reason for this? I thought Samsung B-Die was supose to be "the" OC memory kit every ryzen builders are dreaming of? or did i just get a bad batch? I returned the kit but im still curious as to why it wouldnt go any higher since im interested in pc parts and OC in general, was hoping any memory OC guy out here could enlighten my brain as to what i was doing wrong. thanks. Specs: B350-f gaming strix Ryzen 5 3600 2x4gb 2666mhz CL16 1070ti 7 fans inc. aio (so it cant be heat issue)
  8. Thank you all for the help and input, i greatly appreciate it. Having seccond opinions do really help. However, i accidently found a pretty great deal, and i just could not give it up. 220 usd for a used asus strix 1070 ti, with over 18 months left on the warranty. So i went ahead and bought that. This will probably last me a good enough while. Thanks again for the help, i appreciate it
  9. Because the used cards are cheaper + im seeing a bunch of 1070/ti's on there aswell as 1080s now that people have had a chance to save up and buy the RTX line up, and i just sold my 1060 3gb for 150 usd, that i now can invest in a new gpu (well i have too now, cus i dont have a gpu lol, nor do i have intel cpu with igpu). So i thought without dishing out too much, maybe a 1070Ti could justify the purchase. The 1660Ti is priced same as a 1070 ti used, and 2060 is 100-150 more for a new one. Should i not bother buying a used 1070Ti then? (the reason i wanted exactly the 1070/ti was the 2gb extra vram, over 2060's 6gb) If that, what 2060 is good to buy? my old asus 1060 would sit perfectly at 60-68c with custom curve, any RTX model out there thats better or similar?
  10. Like, i can go out and buy a rtx 2080ti, i just dont want to spend that kind of money into a hobby i no longer have that great interest for. I mean i do still like gaming, i just dont enjoy it as much as i used to, so i dont want to dump cash into a desktop that powerfull, which will just sit there most of the time. Thats why i did put up my 1060 3gb on sale and thought of impulse buying a 1070 / Ti would be somewhat okay. But at the same time a RTX 2060 for 470usd + is just too much for an impulse buy. Also the fact that i dont want a 6GB gpu seeing how fast a 3GB version is literally being blown out of existance, i doubt 6GB will last, which is why the 8gb from 1070 is the first thing i thought of, also why i dont want 2060, being a 6gb version. Also i dont really want to wait untill june/july, as im moving for university in 1.aug and probably starting around 15.aug. And i wont be able to touch the pc anytime soon after that, because ill probably be drowning in subjects, atleast not for a solid 8+ months before im comfortable in the study.
  11. Hey, so i was wondering what card to upgrade from a 1060 3gb GPU? I'm not that into gaming anymore, so im even seccond guessing why i should upgrade at all, but i have a couple of months of free time now, and will probably game a little, so i thought ill upgrade just for the heck of it. But i dont want to sink in loads of cash, so im just looking for something on the cheap side, and heres what i found so far. (no RTX as they cost 4000nok+ (470usd +, not paying that) PS: i live in norway, so because of sales tax and etc, prices are amplified, ofcourse. Asus turbo 1070ti 8gb - 2700nok (318 usd) ** This is a used card, about 1 year 4 months old, with receipt and all. Asus strix 1070ti 8gb (3 fan one) - 2900nok (341 usd) ** This is a used card, about the same above, 1 year 4 months old, receipt and all) Palit GTX 1070 gamerock premium edition - 2250nok (265 usd) ** used card, about 1 year 10 months old, receipt and all) And other 1070 on the used market go for about the same, around 2000-2500nok, (265-280usd) My system right now is: Somethingsomething b350-f gaming motherboard CPU: ryzen 1600 Ram: 2x4 2667mhz (prob gonna buy another 2x4 for that 16gb total) SSD: 2 x 256gb HDD: 1 x 1TB 2560x1440 75hz AOC, 27" or 31.5" i dont remember 1920x1080 60hz 24" (probably buying a 144hz 1080p screen, just for fun) So what do you guys reccomend? Any point of upgrading at all or ? i dont game any heavy shit, nor am i that interested in gaming, i am however more of a "pc-builder" than a "pc-GAMER" so yea, i dont know if thats why im so eager to buy a new gpu, or im just having a dumb temptation to waste some cash on a new GPU for some sweet fps, but i do game a little, and i have 4.5 months of just work/gym and gaming so, im not sure what do to.
  12. alright, thanks alot for the ultra fast reply Can i do it while its on or do i have to power of the pc completly ?
  13. hello, Eveything in my desktop pc is new except the case, which i bought used, altough that doesnt matter. Everything works, except this. I can turn on my desktop with the power button, it lights up, everything good, but when im OC'ing and if in some cases everything freezes and i have to manually shut my pc down nothing happens. I hold the power button but nothing happnes, i can hold it for 5 seconds or 50, it just does nothing, but it will power up ? eveything else works for some reason. Any ideas? Thanks for answers in advance.
  14. yea, + my 140mm exhaust fan at the back is acting up so im assuming its going to die, so i can use that last fan from the 4 pack to my exhaust and 3 on AIO.works out great