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  1. StupidServerDude

    Unraid with Optane cache drive

    I tried that in the past, but I actually noticed a significant performance decrease going from letting it use 100+GiB of RAM to 48GiB (I have 48TB of raw drives, I read that was the recommended minimum). I ended up doing a hardware trade so I have 512GiB of RAM in my server so it shouldn't be a problem anymore.
  2. StupidServerDude

    Unraid with Optane cache drive

    Yeah I noticed that after I set it up... I ended up switching back to CentOS with ZFS (but now using the Optane drive as a cache) because of the generally awful performance. The reading was fine I guess and the write performance after the cache was full was just unusable for me. The web GUI was really nice so it was a shame. Ironically I wish unraid supported some kind of software RAID or at least ZFS.
  3. StupidServerDude

    Unraid with Optane cache drive

    For anyone that finds this in the future, the Optane 900P 280GB PCIe one works great with dual Xeon E5-2670v2's.
  4. StupidServerDude

    Unraid with Optane cache drive

    Does anyone have experience with using Intel Optane as a cache drive with Unraid? I'm switching my home server over to Unraid next week since I'm tired of ZFS eating all of my RAM when I'm trying to run VMs and don't feel like setting everything up manually under Linux.
  5. I thought some of you guys might enjoy this, but let me know if I should be posting this somewhere else since I'm not sure where I should be posting. I decided I needed to outdo Linus's bloweymatron, so I bought 2 blower modules for the IBM Bladecenter H. This is basically a single fan/blower which should be able to cool 28 high end server CPUs at once. I taped it to the top of my friend's water cooled machine I built him a few months ago, so it's going through one of the two 360mm radiators. The fan pulls about 850W at max, only runs at 240V, and is so unbelievably loud, it's actually painful to sit a few feet away from it... We went from 45C on the GPU running furmark before the fan, to 40C after taping this to the top. Looking back on it I should have also run Prime95 on the CPU to add more heat to the loop so it actually made a useful difference, but oh well. The system is running a Vega 64, Ryzen 5 2600, and 32GiB of RAM. I suck at posts, so ask questions about something I guess? This is really something that would be better in a video format so you guys could get some effect of this fan. Hopefully some of you got a laugh out of it.