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  1. AlexTzone

    MJOLNIR mini-ITX Case on LTT forum?

    Heey guys, update!The prototypes are more or less complete, just need to send them off to our local anodizer for some final touch-ups. This is also the reason I don't want to show you the prototypes in broad daylight yet, you deserve to see perfection...nothing less Buut I can show you some RGB action: The lighting setup uses 5V and is controlled over bluetooth. The LED strips have a density of 144 LEDs/meter and are mounted with 3M tape. You can also choose between 200 lightning-effects in addition to solid colors. I'm very happy with the results as you never directly observe the LED strips, only your epic hardware basking in their light On a whole other matter, I've had some problems squeezing in the Kraken M22 & 25mm fan (NF-A12x25 PWM from Noctua), which I think can be contributed to: Kraken M22s large-diameter tubes are hard to bend. Kraken M22 seems to be 154mm long as opposed to the 152mm stated on their website. Can anyone please measure their and report back to me? I'm terrible at cable management. I did manage to comfortably install the Kraken M22 & 15mm fan (NF-A12x15 from Noctua) though. The Corsair H60 & 25mm fan should be much easier to work with, will order one next week.Best, Alex
  2. AlexTzone

    MJOLNIR mini-ITX Case on LTT forum?

    HAHA! Damn, now that I'm starting to seriously consider xP
  3. AlexTzone

    MJOLNIR mini-ITX Case on LTT forum?

    Lol this keeps getting better and less logical! Dundundun...QUANTUM GRAY!
  4. AlexTzone

    MJOLNIR mini-ITX Case on LTT forum?

    Yeah that is true. We call it DARK, space gray is just for reference since they will be very similar in tone.
  5. AlexTzone

    MJOLNIR mini-ITX Case on LTT forum?

    Heey guys, major prototype update! Picked up quite a few parts yesterday, very happy with how they turned out! I'll meet up with local manufacturers next week and anodize 2 of the 3 prototypes in DARK color (a.k.a space gray, a.k.a dark gray). The remaining parts are on their way now and should be here some time next week, then it's assembly time baby Also, I'll make sure to film the new RGB setup in action before Saturday. But for now, grab some popcorn and check this out: Bana-for-scale, but not-for-sale (I know my jokes are lame). Just for reference, the split-up prototype enclosure will be snapped together with dowels (below pic). The production model will of course still be precision cast unibody, but casting 3 prototypes is waaay to expensive. Let me know what you think guys Best, Alex
  6. AlexTzone

    MJOLNIR mini-ITX Case on LTT forum?

    Heey guys, a short update / progress on the case!Here is 60% of the internal frame and a tempered glass panel: Just for reference, it's supposed to look like this by the end. Note that pic below is slightly outdated in that the MOBO cutout is smaller, we have made it larger to improve back-mounted M.2 thermals. FEDEX notified me yesterday that the RGB setups / Enclosures have arrived in Gothenburg, I'll go back there on Monday and snap pics for you till Tuesday. The back panel is also expected by Monday. All remaining parts will be here in the next 2 weeks (there was a slight problem where one of the parts got anodized in the wrong color and the manufacturer had to remake it). See you guys on Tuesday Best, Alex
  7. AlexTzone

    MJOLNIR mini-ITX Case on LTT forum?

    Lol that would be pretty hilarious One of the smallest yet immovable PCs on the market.
  8. AlexTzone

    MJOLNIR mini-ITX Case on LTT forum?

    You can flip the internal frame so that the AIO is on the top instead
  9. AlexTzone

    MJOLNIR mini-ITX Case on LTT forum?

    I don't dare to post external links yet, but you can google "mjolnir sff case" Thanks a lot buddy, really glad that you like the aesthetics! HA, that is a good idea!
  10. AlexTzone

    MJOLNIR mini-ITX Case on LTT forum?

    Perhaps we can create a thread here without any external links then? Yihaaaa, sweeet build man! Very true indeed. I feel that there are already many cheap sff sheet-metal cases out there + some more premium ones. But I don't see many in the ultra-premium departement with a precision cast unibody shell, CNCd panels etc.
  11. AlexTzone

    MJOLNIR mini-ITX Case on LTT forum?

    It's pretty expensive (299 for standard, 349 for RGB). But yeah, that's the price of use high quality manufacturing stuff like precision casting and CNC
  12. Hey guys, I'm Alex, founder of THOR ZONE and one of the creators behind MJOLNIR 9.7L mini-ITX Case. We would love to get your opinion on how we can improve the case even further, would anybody mind us starting a thread here? I tried emailing the mods a long time ago but haven't received a reply. I don't want to come across as a spammer or marketer, this is strictly for discussing different improvement ideas. Let me know what you think (Innermost desire: get Linus to review MJOLNIR, then I can die happy lol) Best, Alex