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  1. Toxinliquid

    Help me find something

    thank you for your reply , those types of camera are too big, am looking for something neat ,budget is 30000$
  2. Toxinliquid

    Profiting from LTT without permission?

    people need to eat i guess
  3. hello everyone ! i would really appreciate some help , am looking for very small extra tiny cameras that can be installed in a car , that would turn on when the car is started and would record for 30 days and after that starts looping on old videos must record video without sound , can someone guide me where to find such a thing? thank you very much ! Note : I do not need them to spy on girls , its needed for an experiment with the ministry of health that i do not know the details of .
  4. Toxinliquid

    a very much off topic ,but i have to try

    thanks folks appriacted
  5. dear united states citizens am trying to have some orders from Newegg but new egg declined my credit card and my PayPal ,saying that it must be a united states bank well that sucks really :c I have an address in Delaware from Fishisfast is there anyway to order from Newegg? bitcoin? payoneer? thanks folks for your information I live in the sultanate of Oman
  6. Toxinliquid

    Z370 killer sli/ac

    Thank you guys so much .i was not wrong coming to these forums
  7. Toxinliquid

    Z370 killer sli/ac

    Yeah the problem that it says asrock z370 killer Sli not asrock z370 killer sli/ac i really dont know the difference and i want to be 100% sure can you confirm please
  8. Hello guys am really having bad day trying to figure out this issue I want to buy asrock z370 killer sli/ac And i5 8600k Now i already have 2 sticks of ram Which is =====>>F4-2666C15D-16GVB will this sticks work with the mb? thanks guys