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  1. Sorry, I live in the UK and would like to spend around £150, but could spend more
  2. It's time for me to move on from my raspberry pi for all my emulation needs. I would like to build a pc, most likely out of used hardware to fill it's shoes and more, to enable me to play light steam games, as well as more recent console emulation. I have a few requirements: Quad core CPU Small form factor 8GB RAM Room to upgrade the HDD to an SSD. I am not particually familiar with hardware from a few generations ago, so I am in need of advice, and I am not afraid of swapping different components around. I am planning to run MS Windows 10 on it. Thanks, Will
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-44845291 Kodak showed off it's Bitcoin mining solution, the KashMiner, at the CES technology show in Las Vegas. The mining rates that they displayed were unachievable, and have been described as a scam.