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  1. would I be able to use unbuffered or load reduced RAM to get it to 512gb?
  2. thanks! but in this case, is there a way to gain the single core performance of the TR3990 on any EPYC (or Intel) CPU?
  3. Hi everyone, I’m an MSc student at a lab that’s doing a lot of image analysis (each file can be over 100gb before processing). we just decided to buy a new workstation. Now, our workload contains both single thread tasks and multithreaded tasks, and at the same time requires quite A LOT of RAM (at least 512gb). Here is the question, assuming money is not a factor, what processor should I choose? The EPYC 7702p or the threadripper 3990? I am aware that the TR can only have 256gb of ram, but I’m not sure what other high core count cpu has these clock speeds.. also, I chose 7702p since we won’t benefit from a 2 CPU config, but if anyone has a better single CPU in mind I’d be more then glad to hear. lastly, I attached the full spec, and would appreciate any comments you might have. Thanks a lot!