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  1. Shouldnt be any compatibility issues, but unless the monitor is on NVidias freesync approved monitors, you will have to deal with normal vsync
  2. So i dunno much about hard drives, just though id put that right up at the top. Anyway, i was gonna play some bo2 zombies ( Loved it back in the day ) and couldnt get it to work ( Crappy internet and not being able to connect to the servers ), so i found a client that let you play it offline, and all my problems were solved! Untill i wanted to play multiplayer ( vs bots or somthing, i dunno lol ) so i downloaded another client that did multiplayer offline, Sweeeet, untill i tried it out and it totally didnt work, so i downloaded their file checker, to check if any of my bo2 files got messed up ( steam took most of the day before downloading it ) and it crashed with an error code similar to this ( https://github.com/Pryaxis/TShock/issues/1238 ) ( I dunno what Pryaxis is but they had the same error lines or whatever so google pulled it up when i googled my error code ) and the last comment says " As a footnote to your issue, CRC errors are filesystem related. It means the filesystem entry in your filesystems metadata doesn't match the file and your system is in quite a lot of danger of corruption if not fixed. Re-logic world files do not have any data integrity checks built into them (apart from a magic), and cannot check themselves for consistency. It would be pertinent to do a chkdsk /f as soon as possible. " and because i was having some issues with the drive previously, ( Like when i was in windows file explorer, in the root, it would take like 15/20 seconds to load all 8 of the folders, and every now and then the file explorer would just stop responding for a solid 30/40 seconds ) ( its a 1tb wd drive btw ) i thought wth, i might as well devote an evening to mabey trying to fix my hdd. And i did some googling i found someone made a chkdsk gui that makes it a little easier than messing with the command. i ended up using the first gui on this site https://www.raymond.cc/blog/running-a-check-disk-with-an-easy-to-use-interface/ and selected the correct drive, i have 3 total, and let it run. [Inser pic here] Six hours later ( i waited because i know that eta estimates are usually really high when they start off ) and it says ( i think anyway ) 800hrs, or a little more than 33 days remaining. Is this right or is my hdd like super F***** or whats up with this. the system its self has the following specs i7-8086k @5ghz RTX 2070 16gb ddr4 3200 memory 2 hdd's one wd one seagate, both 1tb 1 ssd samsung 500gb 750 watt psu
  3. How do i check if the pump is dead, and will corsair replace it if it is dead, and in warranty still?
  4. So a buddy of mine said prime 95 would explode his pc, so mr me was all like heh, lemme dl it and see, and i left it on for like half an hr on accadent, oops, its now at 100c, so i killed it from task manager, deleted it, and shutdown my pc. Few mins later, boot up, and straight to 100c, so i goto the intel extreme tuning utility ( i only mess with the basic tab, never touched the advanced tab ) and drop the stuff down below stock and STILL 100C. So i shut down and goto the bios bc idk, i wanna fix it. And the bios reads 90c, like WTH? So i then unplug it, goto bed and wake up just now to boot it up, instantly 60c, and not 5 mins later, 100c AGAIN?? BRUH... What do i do tech gods? Plz yall help me. I-7 8086k H100i V2 16Gb ram 750 watt psu RTX 2070
  5. Ok, so i just dropped a bunch if $$ on borderlands 2, plus all of tha dlc on steam, loaded it up, did as i usually do, put everything to max and hit play! Worked great, 60fps! Untill i needed to use a menu, any menu. As soon as i would start to move the mouse, the whole game, even the osd with my cpu/gpu util and temps, freezes, only to quickly catch up when i stop moving my mouse. Weird part is, only on 1440p and 4k? Not on any other res, and i have a pretty big screen, so any lower and it looks like a minecraft painting. I checked, latest mouse/gpu drivers, vsync off, lowering my polling rate, and i have no clue what im doing wrong. I have an i7 8086k, and a gtx 1060 6gb (ik its a bit of a bad combo, i got the 8086 free) With 16gb of ddr4 3200 memory.
  6. Ok, so ive been a part of #pcmr a month or 2, and coming from xb1 s, its pretty great! But (i feel so dumb sayin this) but i kinda dunno how to make friends in pc... Like when i came fr ps3 to xb1, i got cod bo3 (the newes one at da time) i just hopped of 4 a bit each day and met now ppl, and eventually new friends. But on pc, bo4 and fallout 76 too, no one seems to talk ingame? Like i would love to maie new friends, but i dunno how... And suggestions asto how i can go abt doin it? (Fml)
  7. Alright, just finished building a pretty good gaming pc, and needed to load windows onto it. A friend of mine gave me his windows 10 usb, and I really thought that when installing it, I hit windows 10 pro. Now when I look at my computer it says that it has windows 10 enterprise. I've read that I can change it to windows 10 pro just by activating it with a windows 10 pro key, is this true? or do I have to reinstall windows with windows 10 pro? figured id just ask in advanced, thanks in advanced!
  8. Ok, this is my build rn, https://pcpartpicker.com/user/thedemonspawn56/saved/4BPFt6 im definitely thinking about doubling the ram and get a gpu (duh, i just didnt have the budget for it at first). At first, i wanted a gtx 1070ti, and now ive been going between a bunch of options, the 1070ti 1080ti or get all involved in rtx. I want to game at 4k and do a bunch of vr. Ive seen a few rtx 2080 ti benchmarks, and at 4k... Dammmnnnnnn, but i dunno if its worth $1200, any opinions? Also, anything wrong with my build, or any other upgrades i need/sould want? Also, i got the cpu for free through the intel giveaway!! And a bunch of the parts pretty cheap on sale, but they were all new parts, havent messed with used parts yet, bu i am SERIOUSLY thinking about getting a used gpu. Any help is appreciated!
  9. Ok, will the NZXT - Kraken X62 Rev 2 ( https://pcpartpicker.com/product/2RdFf7/nzxt-kraken-x62-rev-2-982-cfm-liquid-cpu-cooler-rl-krx62-02#viewImagesv) cool my i7 8086k cpu? And if so, could i think about overclocking at all?
  10. Alright, this is my buld sofar, ( https://pcpartpicker.com/list/wy8Rw6 ) And im about to buy the last part, my gpu, the gtx 1080ti... But i talked with a few ppl who really think that raid tracing and the rtx lineup is gonne be the next best thing since rgb... And tbh, the price dont bother me too much. And i WILL NOT preorder, no matter what, but my question is, should i get a gtx 1080ti right now, or just wait it out to see how the rtx 2080ti does? Also, its not the last part, i still need the hue 2 rgb kit, amd a few ssd's and such, but you get the point.
  11. So, im 17, and just bought a 43in 4k tv, ive had an xbox 1s since it released, and i want to ascend to the realm of the god(lol). This is my build, https://pcpartpicker.com/user/thedemonspawn56/saved/HXkKZL Could it do 4k, and of so, what fps? Also, is there any way that i could change it to fix anything you guys ( tha experts) see wrong with it? Also, im preordering bo4 when it cokes out, could i do that at 4k? If not, how low res would i need 2 drop it to ta get 60fps?
  12. What wattage would ya reccomend for overclicking? Is 500 good?
  13. Ok, a lil while ago i made a post here asking the same question, and here is what i came up with, any more thoughts? -Og thread - this new setup https://pcpartpicker.com/user/thedemonspawn56/saved/HXkKZL -This monitor https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/predator-model/UM.QX1AA.001
  14. Alright, ive looked at what everyone has said, and u think ive fixed just about everything that toy guts have mentioned. -this monitor https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/predator-model/UM.QX1AA.001 -and this new setup https://pcpartpicker.com/user/thedemonspawn56/saved/HXkKZL Any more thoughts guys?
  15. So im 16, 17 in july, and been workin on this for a few weeks... https://pcpartpicker.com/user/thedemonspawn56/saved/HXkKZL Also slap windows 10 on there! Ill have enough for this in june or july(my bday is on the 17th(17 on tha 17th=D) But i have a few questions, i aim for 60fps i think(i normaly play ps3, so if its only like 45 i dont think ill mind(ps3 (exept bo2 caps at 30)). -Also, my lil bro has a ps4 i play from time 2 time... -Is a 1440p monitor worth it?(i have a 1080p rn) -On older games(skyrim, fallout 4, thoes sorts of games) could it do ultra or vHigh? At 60fps/45(if not how high could i put the settings? -And i REALLY want to play Black Ops 4 when it comes out, (1440p at anything but the lowest settings possable?) -also on there i put 2 things of ram, is the more expensive one worth the $$$? Any help is appreaciated, i like to fool myself into thinking i know everything about ps's but i dont... And im pretty confident in my ability to put it all together. Thanks!