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    My computer is getting more boring the more i upgrade it because i am replacing the character it has.


  • CPU
    AMD FX 8350 (i would need to OC to 7 GHz to get it equal to an Intel 4th gen @ 3.9GHz with single core #napkin maths)
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 (its bios is so poo i actually hate it so much)
  • RAM
    12GB ddr3 (4gb and 8GB) 1600mhz
  • GPU
    saffire rx 580 nitro+
  • Case
    Inwin mana 136 (Amazon best seller place #7,555)
  • Storage
    500GB samsung 860 evo (only runs at half speed thanks to sata 2 speeds)
  • PSU
    cooler master Master-watt 650W
  • Display(s)
    LG 1080p TN panel with dead pixel in top left and wobbles like crazy (the monitor not the pixel)
  • Cooling
    be quite shodow rock slim
  • Keyboard
    cougar puri TKL
  • Mouse
    Armageddon Aquila X5
  • Sound
    Hyper x cloud II
  • Operating System
    Win 10 education (because who buys windows when school has it for free)

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  1. Tree_tt

    weird error message

    This message pops ups when i start my computer, this only started yesterday. i will press ok and it will come up again and do this about 7 times then stops; after some time it comes again but only once. is my memory dying what is going on? Thanks.
  2. Tree_tt


    tried it and no improvement. thanks anyway.
  3. Tree_tt


    yep restarted, drivers wiped and installed the amd graphics drivers only.
  4. Tree_tt


    i thought it fixed it but i went back in and it kept stuttering. could there be a bottleneck somewhere?
  5. Tree_tt


    ohhhh so the nvidia drivers need to go completely.
  6. Tree_tt


    I have suddenly had a stuttering problem with my new rx 580. Destiny 2 is by far the worst and GTA 5 is not great either. the GPU will momentarily drop in usage from 99% to 60% or lower (sometimes below 10%). i replaced my 960 two days ago and, it was fine the first night but last night it started bad. please help i don't want too have to go back to my 960. And yes my graphics driver is up to date.
  7. Tree_tt

    2 in 1 laptop recommendation

    why are they only good with internet
  8. i am helping my brother pick a new laptop and i need help as laptops isn't really my thing. he wants too use for entertainment when doing FIFO budget:800-1000 AUD (570-700 USD) needs to be 2 in 1 good 1080p display 8GB of ram would be nice 128 gb storage (needs to be SSD or similar) he is using it for movies, videos, internet browsing. usb type A would be nice note. he has been looking at chrome books are they are good option? i know they are very week in performance but i figured he doesn't need much anyway. thanks
  9. Tree_tt

    task bar win+tab shortcut missing

    that fixed it. thank you my friend!
  10. Tree_tt

    task bar win+tab shortcut missing

    nope, just the windows icon then file explorer nothing else. i can't find it in settings either
  11. Tree_tt

    Cpu help

    word of warning do not use the clock speed as your base of comparison to different brand or generation CPU's,they are not comparable use benchmark comparisons.
  12. Tree_tt

    task bar win+tab shortcut missing

    i am looking for that icon. it is the same as the win+tab shortcut. i use the feature frequently i would like to have the icon back. i have no idea what it is officially called so searching for a solution is frustrating. i don't know where it went please help. Ps i just installed an ssd and migrated all my files so that might be the cause.
  13. Tree_tt

    Fx 8350 cooler upgrade?

    got it i will defiantly will check that out. cheers
  14. Tree_tt

    Fx 8350 cooler upgrade?

    alright thanks. and good job finding info on my case as well!
  15. Tree_tt

    Fx 8350 cooler upgrade?

    Ninja 4 cost is pretty high shipped, and i can't find any retailers that sell it here either, besides Ebay but thats about the same or more. i do want to do a little OC because the IPC of the FX chips is a not great. is the SR slim worth the extra $14 AUD?