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  1. New at PC build

    Ok thanks. I will try to look around. But i somehow prefer intel cheapest
  2. New at PC build

    But for ryzen build is there any problems? Cause my friend told me to maintain it if im new will be very troublesome
  3. New at PC build

    I think i5 8400 would be good enough.
  4. New at PC build

    By 8700. You mean i5 or i7?
  5. New at PC build

    I dont plan to upgrade whenever new parts comes in. I want to buy something that can last me for some years then i would change.
  6. New at PC build

    Games are ow, siege, pubg, cs go and latest games.
  7. New at PC build

    Yes gpu are available here but its very expensive. Thats why im thinking should i overclock or no? Should i go for the ti or just 1070? I7 8700 is expensive here.
  8. New at PC build

    I only can think of is simlim or Carousell.
  9. New at PC build

    Ok. Im not sure why wd it seems cheaper i guess. Im new at this haha so trying to figure out which is best.
  10. New at PC build

    Hi guys, Im planning to build a gaming pc so i was wondering are the specs ok for my current budget of $1900 SGD. I have this mix feeling of overclocking. So if i dont wish to overclock what parts do i need to change? Also im new at this overclocking.