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  1. Deciding GPU for my Build

    i hope its not expensive. hahah
  2. Deciding GPU for my Build

    ok maybe i just wait for the announcement first. will get the other parts first.
  3. Deciding GPU for my Build

  4. Deciding GPU for my Build

    great thanks for the detail bro.
  5. Deciding GPU for my Build

    my monitor will be 144hz. that's why now I'm thinking which is better gpu? if gpu price drop surely I will go for 1080ti
  6. Deciding GPU for my Build

    its really expensive here in singapore if i were to go for 1080 or 1080ti? but if the price is going down i will consider but still undecided on which brand should i pick
  7. Deciding GPU for my Build

    Guys im new at this so i was looking around and i like both asus gtx 1070ti strix & zotac 1070ti amp edition. so i was wondering anyone here could recommend which is better? below is the part i have pick.
  8. VRMs is which? cause im new at this. I like taichi design.
  9. guys any idea is asrock z370 taichi or gigabyte gaming 5 I'm not sure which is better?
  10. ok i will try looking around and see if there's any. thanks
  11. ok will check on the price cause here in singapore price are crazy.
  12. Hi Guys, im planning to build my own gaming pc so i have done some research and i want to do some overclocking and i have selected this parts i need your help if all that parts are ok? just note that i doing an intel build i dont wish on doing amd build also im staying in singapore to get 1080 or 1080ti is super expensive here.
  13. New @ Building PC

    really i saw review about the case seems good and its around my range of budget. other case in singapore are expensive. for monitor resolution and refresh reate anything is fine with me as long its not pixel.
  14. New @ Building PC

    what psu should i get?
  15. Hi Guys, really need help at this as im new in PC building idling building for gaming and minor programming. im not interested in Ryzen build i would prefer intel, also im staying in singapore so some parts are very expensive here. Below are the parts im looking to buy also im interested in overclocking so i choose the parts that can overclock. MOBO - Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 5 GPU - Zotac Geforce GTX 1070 8GB AMP! Edition CPU - I5-8600K PSU - Silverstone ST65F - G 650W 80+ Case - Deepcool Earlkase RGB Cooler - Noctua NH-D15 Ram - Kingston HyperX Fury 16GB DDR4 2666MHz SSD 120GB for only OS HDD 2TB for technically games