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    Mulholland Drive


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    Ryzen 3 2200G
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    MSI Pro-VD/S
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    1x8gb DDR4(hoping to upgrade)
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    1TB HDD(changing shortly)
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    CM 500
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    Win 10

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  1. I too find both as a good options...wherefore making a decision on which one to go with is hard
  2. Also a good idea... I'll just get high spin a bottle and deicide between your and @LukeSavenije ideas..
  3. Not building exactly...I have a old b350 mobo and ram cause i upgraded my existing PC to different set of specs.. Also I am from India and budget is about 50K INR which is roughly 720USD..
  4. Sadly have no Micro-Centers...shifted to India like a year back
  5. I am planing to get a RX 570 or RX 580 with a Ryzen 1200 / 1300x but I need to know which combo is better and why. P.S I have dual channel memory (2x8GB) and 450W PSU and B350 mobo.
  6. Yes i did see it will discuss with the guy i am building it with... thank you
  7. True now am considering a 1060 or 570... will also look at the 1600
  8. FYI I am not from the US...I am from india
  9. Ok so I could either do a 570 or 1060,understood thank you
  10. It's okay but thanks for pointing some good mATX mobo might change to either of those if budget is too tight
  11. Ok I did realize his mistake about the case and mobo not matching up...and would be changing it... Just in case got any suggestions for a good ATX case?