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  1. Yukihira

    Laptop buying guide

    Budget is around 60k INR
  2. I'm an engineering student and I am planning to buy a laptop for college. We have machine design in our course this year. So please any fellow Mechanical engineering student suggest me as to whether I should go for a laptop with an i5 8300h and gtx 1050 graphics card or for an i7 without discrete graphics.
  3. Yukihira

    Need a good laptop suggestion

    https://www.amazon.in/Kingston-SSDNow-240GB-SA400S37-240G/dp/B01N5IB20Q/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1547135853&sr=8-2&keywords=kingston+ssd https://www.amazon.in/Western-Digital-WDS240G2G0A-240GB-Internal/dp/B076Y374ZH/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1547135940&sr=8-1&keywords=wd+green+ssd
  4. Yukihira

    Need a good laptop suggestion

    should i go with a kingston ssd or wd green ssd for the upgrade
  5. Yukihira

    Need a good laptop suggestion

    Specs: Ryen 2500u or Core i5(8th gen) Ips panel(1080p)(14 or15.6 inch) 8 gb ram Decent battery Don't need discrete gpu Ssd if possible
  6. I'm looking for a laptop at around 45000 INR. I'm an Engineering student and I need the laptop for my projects and probably running some CAD software, not for gaming. Please suggest! Specs: Ryen 2500u or Core i5(8th gen) Ips panel(1080p)(14 or15.6 inch) 8 gb ram Decent battery Weight isn't an issue.
  7. I'm on a tight budget about 4000 INR. Would be happy if anyone could suggest me a good ssd for the price.
  8. Yukihira

    Read vs Write operations

    I wanted to know what actually are the read and write operations for storage devices. For example: Is the process of copying data from a thumb drive onto my pc a read or write operation?
  9. Yukihira

    Processor vs graphic card

    Does processor performance really matter in gaming? If so, how?
  10. Yukihira

    Laptop purchase question

    Ty all for ur advice
  11. Yukihira

    Laptop purchase question

    for gaming around $450
  12. Is the Alienware M14X R2 still a viable purchase in 2018?