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  1. I kinda figured the same thing, but still happens after a fresh OS install with nothing but D3, Discord and Chrome installed. Could Windows Defender be messing with things? I just realized this started happening after a recent Windows Update.
  2. Hello, I've been having a bit of a frustrating issue recently where games will freeze up for 3-5 seconds, then recover. It is only the game that freezes, I can still move my mouse around and tab out when it happens. Initially began when playing WoW TBC and now with Diablo 3. GPU temp sits around 70-75c when this happens. My PC: i5-4460 8GB Sapphire R9-270X Ennermax 525w (Pro 82+) At first, the freezes gave the error notification of "application blocked from accessing graphics hardware". I've tried: - fresh installing drivers (removing in safe mode with DDU) - uninstalling drivers and letting Windows auto install - adding TdrDelay to registry - underclocking GPU core / memory Yesterday I reinstalled Windows 10. Latest drivers installed. Same issue only now there is no error notification. Anyone have any ideas on what else to try or what could be the cause?