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  1. 2 Gpu's

    Hey guys i was just wondering because when i ask if i can run a game i usually say that i have intel hd graphics 3000 but i also have a nvidia geforce gt 520m what is better and how much vram does a intel hd graphics have i heard that the nvidia has 1gb am i right?
  2. Saints row 2 FPS

    have fixed the problem but thats what i am playing saints row 2
  3. Saints row 2 FPS

    yes thats what i downloaded i fixed the problem it still stutters a bit sometimes but its mostly fixed thanks
  4. Saints row 2 FPS

    i have fixed the problem and it can it was only when i was driving i downloaded a patch and it works now lol
  5. Router problems...HELP

    Hard reset it there should be a button then u can put a pin in there but just know that all the settings and everything will be gone but u can change them back
  6. Saints row 2 FPS

    Hey guys i have bought saints row 2 on steam and ive heard that it is very unoptimised and ive been playing it my fps is always below 30 sometimes it will hit 30 but when im driving i only get like 10fps is there anyway to fix this i could even run saints row the third better then this specs:intel core i3-2310m intel hd graphics 3000 and 8gb ddr3 ram
  7. Router problems...HELP

    But is it still working when the lights are off have u tried resetting the router unplugging it from the wall or anything we need more info if u want us to help u
  8. Keyboard

    Hey guys i was just wondering idk if ihave askeed this already but i have a keyboard a cheap mechanical one with outemu blue switches it says that the switches of this keyboard are swappable but can i change them with any other outemu switches the keyboard is :eagle z-77 and if i can i want to know what is better reds or browns thanks
  9. Steam Refunds

    what is faster?
  10. Steam Refunds

    wait it says available in 24 hours so does that mean i will get it in 24 hours?
  11. Steam Refunds

    ok they have accepted the refund but its pending do u know how long that will take to be back in my wallet will it be back in before 34 hours?
  12. Steam Refunds

    so do i reinstall itt now or if it tells me to? i havent gotten accepted yet
  13. Steam Refunds

    i bought it today its sunday and i only have 35 minutes played
  14. Steam Refunds

    its 2 hours and i have 35 minutes played
  15. Steam Refunds

    its sunday in australia so they will not do it today will they